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Hrithik Roshan had a great 2019 with both his films War and Super 30 doing well at the box-office. The actor is hoping to keep the momentum going. Hrithik is set to begin work on his father Rakesh Roshan’s film Krrish 4. The actor according to reports, has also grabbed a Hollywood project which is a spy-thrillersource told a leading daily that Hrithik will begin shooting for his Hollywood project post-Krrish 4. The source said, 'As is customary in Los Angeles, Hrithik"s team was given details of his role in the movie and the scenes that he had to tape. He sent his audition to the studio two weeks ago. The discussion is at a nascent stage. If all goes well, the actor will kick off the project after completing the shoot of Krrish 4.' When asked about this development Hrithik"s team said, 'We have no information about this.' Well, we hope we get a confirmation on the same soon.

Source Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.filmfare.com/v/s/m.filmfare.com/news/bollywood/hrithik-roshan-to-begin-shooting-for-his-hollywood-project-post-krrish-4_-44717.amp%3famp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%253D#ampf=
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if spanish latinos and other dusky complexion can succeed in hollywood , there is absolutely no reason why hrithik cant succeed there , he has the looks and physique but i hope it is not another stereotype indian role for ethnic reasons , he is anyday more good looking than his hollywood counterparts

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That's what I also hope. Don't want him to embarrass himself there.

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Hope he gets a substantial role in the movie.

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ask priyanka for help maybe she can give you a side role in her film

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Everyone isn't Ranbir to beg for roles.


@jordan lol as if she has done meryl streep kinda roles there , nowadays she is playing middle aged bimbos mostly there

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Lazy guy even Krish 4 commencement is not known to Roshans whether it will happen in 2-3 years to come or not but here hrithik is talking about hollywood project that too after Krish 4 wrap up DILLI ABHI DHOOR HAI MEREY DOST

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