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What is your role in Kyon Ki?

Salman: Same role. I play the same kind of roles all the time.


Tell us about Priyadarshan's other film, which is releasing on the same day as Kyon Ki?

Salman: Which film is that?


How long you plan to do romantic films?

Salman: Till the time they run. We will see later.


Kyon Ki is a love story like Tere Naam. What is the difference between the two?

Salman: Tere Naam was directed by Satish Kaushik and Kyon Ki by Priyadarshan.


Priyadarshan says your acting is one of the best performances of your career.

Salman: That is shocking news to me.


Why should one see Kyon Ki?

Salman: The film has no vulgarity, no exposure and it is a decent film.


What are you doing this Diwali?

I am going to my house in Panvel. I would like to advice everyone to keep a distance from the bottle when you light a rocket. Also, see that the rocket does not enter anyone's house. Don't burst big bombs like the rassi bomb. Burst the sutli bomb instead. And don't roam barefoot, as you may get burnt. Wear slippers.


How do you feel about the fact that D'damas is associating with Kyon Ki?

Salman: Thank God it was not Nirma soaps.


Source Link: https://www.rediff.com/movies/2005/oct/31khan.htm
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hahaha this was so idiotic.. thousands of people work to create a movie and to disrespect that.. thats bad

but thats how Salman is/was. Does and says what he wants

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Back when SK didn't care about his career at all. Exceptional 2010-2019 and amazing run in the 90s. If the 2000s decade was kind to him, he would have reached some other level by now.

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Geez! This has to be the most boring interview of all time!

And I just found out that Priyadarshan clashed his own film with each other. Of course it was a easy success for Garam Masala.

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