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Priyan on Kyon Ki...

My film with Salman and Kareena is a remake of my 1986 film, Thalavattam. It is inspired by the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. But since Thalavattam was made almost 20 years ago, I have written a new screenplay for this film. The hero is admitted in hospital due to a tragedy, and he falls in love with the doctor. It has the same end as the original movie.

Shah Rukh Khan rejected Kyon Ki...

I was planning this movie with Shah Rukh Khan. But he had a problem with his back at the time and he told me he was not able to work. I waited for a year and a half for him. Then, again, I was forced to wait till Farah Khan's Main Hoon Na was made. Then, Shah Rukh had a difference of opinion about the film's end. So I kept it aside, and made Hungama for Venus. Sunil Manchananda, the film's producer, then suggested Salman Khan. I narrated the script to him and he liked it.

Priyan on working with Salman Khan,

Working with Salman Khan was a great experience. People told me that Salman is interfering, never comes on the sets on time... I went on the sets with a lot of fear as to how to handle him.

But he would report on the sets at 6 am, even though the temperature was - 1, in Ooty. He never gave us any trouble.

I treat him like my son, Chandu. He's a brat but if you love and pamper him, he will listen and understand.

If the film doesn't work, I am the only one responsible, not him.

I will not comment on Salman's acting. People have seen Jack Nicolson and Mohanlal in the role that Salman plays in this movie. Let them see Salman and judge for themselves how good he is.

But Salman does not put in his 100 percent in a performance. If he did, he would have been one of the best actors in the country. He could have done better in this film. But it's his nature to takes things lightly.


7 years later,

Salman Khan has become like Amitabh Bachchan - Priyan



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Wish Salman didn't do the confusing movie of the director

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