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Source Link: https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/salman-khan-ready-to-roll-with-mahesh-manjrekars-antim-from-november-15-in-mumbai/amp_articleshow/78917424.cms
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As long as it's Cameo/Extended cameo it's fine.
He has enough cameo appearances in 2000's

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It's a parallel lead role apparently


@sanjeeva actually no. They tried to rewrite it to extend his role. It didn't work out so Abhiraj Minawala was taken off the project. Mahesh Manjrekar will direct now & they have decided not to tamper with the source material ergo Salman's role will remain an extended appearance.

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Is he back to his special appearances and cameo days of 2000s ?

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I was under the impression SK had backed out of this. So back to providing employment to wannabes and mediocre small time actors. Watching him in a supporting act to Aayush Sharma...can't get worse.

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In full support of this film. Between Radhe & Tiger 3, needed a breather, this is that film.

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Oh! Is it going to start?

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The title isn't as exciting as Guns of North. They shouldn't have changed it.

Anyway, I don't know about his fans, but this film isn't exciting enough solely because of Aayush Sharma. He has been preparing for the role for around a year, so he might spring in a surprise. But Salman is back to his charitable ways and helping out his out of jobs friends and relatives, something which he did in Tubelight, Race 3, Dabangg 3 and now this one.

Only waiting for Tiger 3 among his line up of releases.

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Guns of North sounded good but wouldn't have appealed to the Hindi belt core audience. Can't mess with that.

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Had the title been Guns of North, it would have done 300cr but now it will settle for 200 cr..

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Pass me what you are smoking man

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