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Baaghi 4 shooting starts early 2022 and Heropanti 2 this December.

The content will be poor, but these will be Big Hits (sadly) for Tiger and NGE. It's now time for him to step out of his comfort zone and act with other production houses. Only Ganpat and Rambo as of now.

Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/exclusive-scoop-sajid-nadiadwala-begins-work-script-tiger-shroffs-baaghi-4-team-writers/
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Lol. Discount HR bas yahi kar sakta hai. By the time these shits come out, nobody would care. Both flops in the making.

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From here onwards i have decided to not watch even the trailer of those Bollywood films who have a number in the end of the title ..but if there is Pantypanti 2 , it gets a chance ,i might see it .

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@Intense ko jaldi btao....he must be really excited

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2 weeks baad aayega. Why you ask?

Because Baaghi 3 World television premiere this Sunday and 2 weeks later uska BARC report and viewership aayega :p

Aayega post "Baaghi 3 has record breaking television premiere"


Hahahaha.....got it....Harminder right now must be busy noticing nuances of Tiger's performance


Harminder new year resolutions:

Watch B4 and H2 50 times and call it the best post covid recovery booster. Abuse Dil chahta hai in the same articles.



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