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Iss Diwali Sirf Box Office Ki Hi Taale Todenge Yeh Indiawaale, Dil Nahi Jeetenge. 

Likes = 24, Dislikes 16


Overall, it's a film that does have its moments, but not enough of them!

Likes = 20, Dislikes = 22


 it is a patriotic film and every Indian will love it and if he doesnt i dont think so they are indiawalli, at last film is bit a long and but i assure u u wont be bored for a single moment so go for IndiaWaale

Likes = 28, Dislikes = 6


A Winner !

Likes = 24, Dislikes = 6


Happy New Year delivered on what it promised.

Likes = 25, Dislikes = 8


SRK has a good chance of wining Best Actor award next year.Must appreciate.Its much better than CE.Cinematography was brilliant.

Likes = 19, Dislikes = 5

EKdum ultimate bollywood movie like srk said...It has everything... Over all a feel good perfect family masala entertainer with many LOL moments

Likes = 17, Dislikes = 5

Overall, Film was a grand entertainer for everyone and has everything that you want in a movie, right from Romance to Heist. Go for it, a perfect diwali cracker!

Likes = 13, Dislikes = 2
karan khan

Its Only after MNIK of Srk that I Liked.

Likes = 11, Dislikes = 2

3.5/5 (Srkian)
2.5/5 (critic)
Super Rocking Khan

Happy New Year is not a cult movie or a serious movie. It is a masala movie for festive season. It is fully entertaining.

Likes = 9, Dislikes = 2

2.5/5 (content)
4/5 (entertainment)

.i liked this film a lot n hopefully people all around the World will join n make it a much bigger hit than CE

Likes = 6, Dislikes = 1


Go for it!

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 0

3/5 (1st half)
4.5/5 (2nd half)

Overall movie becomes decent due to awesome robbery part.

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 1


A few moments here and there and shah rukh's larger than life persona make this flick a one time watch.

Likes = 4, Dislikes = 0

Ammy Nautiyal

Go for it if you loves to watch commercial entertainers shot grandly. It is definitely logic less but provides laugh through out the movie.

Likes = 5, Dislikes = 2


Just For SRKimage

Likes = 4, Dislikes = 1

Its a timepass one time watch movie!

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 0


Its watchable movie. Perfect diwali Entertainment movie. Go for SRK & his 8 packd show. I loved the film very much.

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 0


Happy New Year is a fun and entertaining film where two opposite genres Hiest and Dance.

Likes = 3, Dislikes = 1

Super Nova

Screenplay does falter here and there but later makes it up direction is good by Farah Khan, songs are placed according to situation except Manva Lage all in all it's todu entertainer

Likes = 2, Dislikes = 0


The Film is watchable but if you don't like cheap humour and forced out comedy..avoid it...!!.If you can bear the first half..you will like the 2nd half..as it is better from the first half.

Likes = 10, Dislikes = 14

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I remember the day of HNY release . I was here . It was more chaotic than the fall of Constantinople . Srkians on that weekend acted Bipolar , they were extremely happy with its initial B.O but were aware of the film's Mediocrity , still were extremely intorarant towards any criticism .

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HNY was biggest Uno Reverse card that BOI ever played.

Gave 40 crs on 25th evening as next day estimates, makers must've gotten similar figures, they decided to bloat the figures to 42 and added 2.5+ for regional, made it 45, which according to them should've been 41-42 from all languages in reality too, so not much manipulation if we look at that.

Then BOI also gave 40 crs for Hindi version on next day, so ot works out well.

And then..... After 2 months, BOI revised to 36 crs, making it most manipulated opening day, which tbh don't think makers planned.

That's the only thing remarkable about this movie.

Other then the fact that it was the biggest opener in multiplexes till it's release.

by All Time best! (269k points)

It was just BOI saving Rce from disgrace at the time of release..PR work at its all time high


@tb no one apart from producers can get 100% accurate figures esp earlier , even boi adds some 1-2 percent estimates

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One of the worst movies ever and worst if Srk.. Everything about the movie was silly or cringe worthy..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Looking what SRK did post 2014, I'd definitely welcome this now. Seems to be the perfect entertainer to bring back SRK. (Minus the vomiting cringe part)

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Oh those were the days when box office manipulation was at its peak. Krrish 3 a year earlier became the Highest grosser of all time and HNY became the biggest opener at nearly 45cr! Good days! :")

The movie was a typical masala film, which when compared to SRK films released post this film, it seems this genre is more suited for him. Except for Fan, none of his films were watchable.
Could give this film another watch, except Abhishek's vomiting scene!

The Atlee-SRK film will be the safest bet for him now to give a 250cr+ grosser. The masses will lap on to it like they did for HNY.

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

That was some competition. RCE decided to pull out of the race after it's first week though.

Now waiting for Krrish 4. Dangal and Bahubali 2 records in danger! :D


absolutely wrong , kaabil collections were manipulated from day 1 when it opened to single digit and raees collections changed after nearly 7/8 days as till then both boi and producer figures were same for raees

even indicine then wrote the article about it and said raees marketing team had no option but to respond the manipulated collections with same

Indicine statement

, Before we begin, credit should go to Red Chillies and Excel for
keeping the collections at reasonable levels ,
They probably had no choice but to inflate collection afterwards because the
other film would’ve otherwise overtaken them and that would mean
negative reports in the mainstream media – which follows official


Yes I know that. But post it's extended weekend, the makers of Raees starting manipulating collections because Kaabil makers were posting insane collections. It became so much that Excel Entertainment and RCE had to stop posting collections.

But regarding HNY, RCE were manipulating from day 1. Nearly 30cr manipulation in Lifetime and around 7-8cr on day 1 lol


but BOI first article report on day 1 said hny collection around 40 cr nett and it would have around 2/3 cr in dubbed too so 44 wasn't that far but later on they reduced collections but yes i agree lifetime difference was there in rce/boi

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on the first day BOI called HNY 1st day collection around 40 cr and it would have done around
3 cr atleast in dubbed versions so it was near 44 only but later on they got the collections from the aliens and somehow reduced its collections

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8 Cr ka pr on its opening day..Never happened before nor will ever happen again...hahaha

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

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