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At Lee... A big name, an achiever

I see him and his wife in "indian memes" where they write.."paisa ho toh sab ho sakta hai"

such is the mindset of Indians that they ridicule people on their color, race and looks. No wonder we are going nowhere as a nation because the thinking is rotten and it will be for a long time

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yeh woh log hain jo khud toh kuch karte nahin lekin jinhone kiya hai unko bura bahala kehte hai....


o yes................but it's not that as if other countries will not hv this divide b/w beautiful and not so beautiful.....i believe, divide is everywhere.....insaan ki fitrat mein hai, sirf Indian ki fitrat mein nhn


This is not really divide.. this is just ridiculing someone.. divide is done on the basis of race and religion or something broader.. in India a person from any religion may be dark and he'll be subjected to this..
This is different than in the west.. they dont see black/dark people as ugly.. that shite happens here


bhai United States of America mein Black ko target krnay ki history and still going on....Africa mein.....cricketers tell that counties in UK were having this issue for Asian people that natives will look down upon them and tease them....Arabs, they have their severe issues of superiority and i personally know that, issues with black ka past or asians ko tease krnay ka present hai atleast......Scandinavian countries he hain i think jahan is type ki bkwas km hogi and people are okay living with others

point of ridiculing, agree that Asians are pro level when it comes to joke abt black color

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Rumour number 10..

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Will love to see SRK back on screen !!
SRK will also find good opportunity to use VFX for this film....as that's the only "word" he reads in his scripts!!!....:)

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I just hope that he put that thing aside for a moment and invest on something which really presents him as a Hero.
At this moment even Diwale would be pleasant to watch. His absence created a void few years ago which have turned in a black hole after such a long break. People will admire anything that falls in above average zone.

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Can we please have an official confirmation Instead of such rumours every month. Am sick of this now lol.

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