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Museum Of Art is open . It shows Art. Art doesnt need to be popular but it definetly should be unique and rare. 

If nasa grows some fruit on mars and decides to bring back on earth and sell it then there would be auction for it even if it tastes like rabbits poop becasue of the uniqueness and rarity factor .
So presntimg you an uncomparable performace of Mia bosheva . Actress . And she is angel's poop .

No lip synching. No dancing. And for each and every moment of the song d camera was on her.she needed to just " behave " . and what a performance by mia bosheva . God level confidence but not at all intimidating . she is unrestricted with zero self consiousness and after 3 mins onwards she starts flowing and she flows gloriously . Never seen anybody so uninhibited yet calm and classy .Simple clothes ?unkempt hair ? doesnt matter because she is the best , doesnt need to impress anybody . Her performance gets my stamp of approval. Congratulations Mia Bosheva .
And also song is good .

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Looks like Ananya Pandey of west.

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aisi cheezon se samaaj bigadta hai @help


This is Anaya's version of art...


(rock)(rock) welcome to art club bro..

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