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Mumbo jumbo is banned for repeatedly using offensive and insulting words for fellow users. Despite repeated warnings, he refused to change his ways. Users are reminded that they can troll anyone's star as much as they want to, personal/below the belt taunts are not allowed.

To be unblocked on: 23rd October 2020
in Warnings by Mega Star (226k points)

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It was a very difficult ban this time but he worked really hard for earned it mumbo....stay banned stay safe :)

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
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He thinks mods and admins like to ban users. Always a last resort. And he left no option.


actually adding a link of fight/abuse here is a difficult decision to, it tells everybody why the promotes abusive post's comments......otherwise if link is added here, nobody will dare question the ban......anyways.......very few people are here nowadays so everybody knows that mumbo was acting like a kid, always

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Hahaha..good jop mumbo..keep going better and better..(muscle)

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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kitni asani se provoke hojate yeh pottay..mazaq mazaq mein ban hogaya bacha

by Location Manager (5.3k points)

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