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Time to Boycott Bollywood now for real :X


Most iconic performance in a comic role in hindi movies by Sanjeev Kumar  is going to be replaced by overacting ki dukaan Ranveer Singh .

And Rohit shetty is antithesis to the soul of Gulzaar's original

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Please edit your post for uniquely identifying the actor.......
Can sympathize what you feel after hearing this news!! but forum has some rules...which forces all users to control their emotions and frustrations!!!

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Ye log chu.....pa kiye bina nahi rah sakte.

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:D :D

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Wow this is really terrible news , Angoor is a cult classic by Gulzaar

Sanjeev Kumar in Angoor is one of his most memorable performance , which no one can repeat ever , let alone Ranveer

and lesser said about Rohit Shetty staying loyal to the essence of the Gulzaar's original is better

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wait for deven varma to be replaced by some more loudmouthes (rock)

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Strictly talking about it's performance at the Box Office, then this one will be a huge grosser. It's been in the pipeline for a long time and the film was supposed to star SRK, but they decided to collaborate on Chennai Express instead.

If films like Judwaa can be recreated and become a smash hit at the box office, and the same would have been expected from Coolie No 1 if it released theatrically, this remake would also score well all over.

Now about the quality of the product, Ranveer will be in his loud elements as usual, but the fact that Rohit is directing it is still a sigh of relief. Farhad Samji rehta toh disaster tha pakka! (facepalm). Barring Dilwale, his films have been entertaining majorly and is the one of the best masala action directors in India.

I hope the other actor isn't Arjun Kapoor though. Fir Rohit bhi nai bacha payega film ko!

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Gaali nahi hai. Par forum men decorum hai baat karne ko. Just becuase you dont like someone saying something doesn't mean you end up calling them behsaram, chaman, whatever other shitty vocabulary that you're used to.


''aur besharam koi gaali hoti hai kya'' ....mumbo, yeh jo neechay likha hai aap ny woh gaali hai kya? (think)

''abe charsi poore india me 4/5 akhand *hutiye hi hoge jo ki hashmi ke fan hai''



abe gawaar dekh le pehle aur padh le saare comments , i did not said a word to that user until he started abusing ranbir out of the blue

haan par agar tujhe gaaliyan sunayi ho to i own up to that totally , kyonki tu gaali khaane layak hi hai har jagah beech me bakchodi karne aa jaata hai


Okay :)

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Worse news is it will work at the BO. Rohit Shetty is a superstar director and he knows how to make such stuff work.

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Anything coming from Rohit side will be fun to watch.
Aur bhai remake karne mein koi dikkat nahi hai if you are true to the original with little bit changes corresponding to the mordern times.
Remaking a movie of 70s 80s will let today's generation to have a bite of the content of the Golden days of Hindi film industry.
But, yaa if its been made just for the purpose of money making like Judwa was then surely it should be condemned after release. But, then again RS is no David Dhawan jo apne bete ka career banane ke liye apni hi 20-25 saal purani film remake pe remake karta rahe.

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Remake of a remake of a remake of a remake.... from the 1600s.

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its a shakspeare work and so is adapted in almost every language

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