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With the hate smear campaign started by a certain journalist on Twitter and starting a disgusting hashtag "Canadian C****i Kumar" and supported by many other opportunist journalists, advocates, friends and relatives of SSR, I had to get an opinion from you all about this.

How much does a negative trending hashtag affect the star power of an actor and his upcoming releases?

We have seen what happened to the Khaali Peeli trailer, the Sadak 2 trailer. Even the Laxmmi Bomb motion poster and Bell Bottom teaser received lots of dislikes. Fake Pathan and LB trailer have also received HUGE amount of dislikes. Has the negative social media image prompted the makers of Laxmmi Bomb to hide the likes and dislikes? Hasn't this just made those SSR bots and fans of other actors stronger since the like - dislike ratio can not be seen anymore?

The same can also be observed with the IMDb ratings of films like Khaali Peeli, Sadak 2, Gunjan Saxena. The same will be expected when LB releases. And the inverse is also true for films like Khuda Haafiz and Dil Bechara receiving high ratings.

We have seen in the past how a stars image can go down drastically for that period. because of certain comments, their relations with certain people and other reasons. SRK's comment on intolerance during the time of Dilwale, the entire fiasco of Padmaavat, Deepika going to JNU during Chhapaak. Even Kangana got a lot of attention and free promotion for her film Manikarnika which IMO over performed at the Box Office.

The question is, how much of this anger towards Bollywood actors is real? Are these by bots, other fans who are sadistically happy seeing another star going down or by genuine SSR fans who are demanding justice. And how long will this last? Will Bollywood change completely and lot of people will stop watching films altogether? Or is this all a propaganda by certain people to pull down big stars one at a time?

What are your opinions on this? I have been extremely dizzy ever since the events of last evening and seeing all the people who are joining the bandwagon and trending the above hashtag. Since Twitter is the last place to ask for an opinion, I am asking you all for your genuine reaction.
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Acha? And what about Salman fans trending "Akshay wanted to steal Dhoni and Chhichhore from Sushant", "Akkians are planning to boycott Dil Bechara and not view it or like it", "Akki stole PRC from Sushant".

Yeh sab bhi tere top actor ke fans ne start kia tha na?

Ab don't point fingers who started what. I won't be surprised if you were also one of those people targetting other actors.


Santosh I'm hiding all your comments. And your activity is being observed. Warning for you. Cross the line and get banned.


one more ban coming up (poolparty)

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These disgusting bots have their own disgusting theories. From blaming Akshay and Salman for SSR suicide to boycotting Karan and Alia, its an all time low.

Answering your question no. It won't affect one bit. If LB comes to theaters, entire boycott and SSR fan base will go to watch it. Same for Sooryavanshi, Radhe. Koi kaam dhanda nahi hai abhi to bawaas kar rahe hain. Once things start going back to normal, these losers tactics won't have any impact.

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Roman he does that. He likes being in the good books of the mighty powers and doesn't want his movies to be affected. I dont like this about him. Gladly he has also filed a case against the two channels....something good atleast


@Mumbojumbo, Akshay has been officially endorsing BJP government for long, that's the last thing I would expect of him to do , he knows why he spoke up, we all knows why he spoke up. Wind had started flowing against him and he needs to save his movie.
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor
Industry needs it's bigwigs to step up and take a stand, it's now or never.
@Intense, Arnab has spew enough venom for him too, he had no other choice


High time Akshay realizes BJP won't support him forever. These people are vultures. And they're gonna feast on him too.


and if he supports bjp then its his choice and bjp is the largest party today and not some clandestine illuminati cult
also didnt bachchan supported conngress wasn't sallu flying kites with modi b4
doesn't entire bollywood rushes on a invite to take a selfie with modi on the drop of a hat , if akshay does something wrong or immoral then its okay to criticize but people just gang up on him nowadays and credit all his success to external factors

in us fox supports trump cnn favours democrats similarly in uk guardian support labours mirror supports tories , world over media has its own bias in politics its not in india alone

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ye saale ek din oxygen ko bhi boycott karenge , anyway ....

Bots tum sangharsh karo hum tumhaare saath hai

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This whole boycott thing thing seems so much impactful as the Cinemas are closed and there is no way that these bots can be rebuttaled. The only way they will keep shut is if Cinemas open and they will see people flocking to see movie staring the Superstars. The daily collection and high occupancy report is the only way to make them shut. So, we might have to stay with them for little longer. With an effective corona vaccine these bots will also tarnish.

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Arbaaz did it. Slapped a case on a twitter idiot. Rest need to follow suit. There are many youtubers and experts claiming Akshay "snatched" movies from SSR, dark web and what not. Don't be quiet. Take legal action. That's the only way this nasty business can be stopped.


Yes I know who you are talking about. Dark web, a drug which makes you live longer and makes your eyes red is being extracted from the tears of trafficked children, a dead child found in the Arabian sea, live murder on the dark net. I was fuming with anger when he was posting all this. What's worse is that people are blindly believing such people. Whether they are actual people or bots, that I don't know. But twitter has become highly toxic and a place to further your own personal agenda.

A legal action, police questioning and an apology from these people is a must!


The drug extraction from young kids....mahn you need a really sick mind to think of such twisted shit. The media and megastar Kangana fueled this further. Too bad now with the CBI saying it's a suicide, these theories will die a natural death.

Bollywood has been very very tolerant. And now it should be payback time surely.


He told this theory to a doctor on a live session. The doctor refused to accept that such a drug exists and left the show midway. I'll send the link if you want.

That's how far these opportunists have gone. Having a sick mind, tweeting "BIG BREAKING" and getting 1000s and 1000s of followers and subscribers.

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It has already affected so called top actor..Don't you see that that actor is releasing his movies on OTT.LOL

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Hahahahah! What an innovative joke Santosh! You really should join Twitter! You will make a hell lot of followers there!

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for the next 1 year tough to get any hits from top stars due to rona and boycott trends
after that no one would care

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If Your Movie Wom Gets Negative Response Than Due to Social Media Wom Spread Faster And Movie Collection Drops More Than Normal In Today's Time.

But If Your Movie Gets Positive Wom Than It's Get Benefitted Also In Collection.

If Your Movie Gets Mixed Wom Than Due To Some Negative Spread And Negative Things Spread More Than Positive In The World So Collection Also Drops Faster.

Overall Social Media Affected Movies Collection On Both Way Either Positive Or Negative. Opening Does Not Affected But Lifetime Affected.

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