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Laxmmi Bomb - Official Trailer - 9th Nov 2020

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My views on the content will be negative just like the original and also due to the fact Kanchana has long surpassed it's goodwill. Plus the highlight of Saeath Kumar in Tamil & Sai Kumar in Kannada remake playing the eunuch is missing here.

That being said, this film still is a winner and they've made a blunder opting for OTT. A Bonafide box office hit losing out it's chance due to really bad release strategy. Covid impact is understandable but they could've been prepared better.


I think Sharad Kelkar will be playing the role of the Eunuch. Probably they have left his role as a surprise and not give the story away.

I agree going the OTT way is a blunder. The film was supposed to be release on Akshay's birthday but because of the response Sadak 2 received, probably that's why they decided to postpone it. But Fox Star could have still waited as it's their film and Hotstar is their platform; the OTT deal could have been cancelled and decide to release in theatres.

Such films work in the mass circuits. Even if you consider the clash with Radhe on Eid, it would have still worked and probably it would have been the first time when 2 films released on the same day cross 200cr. Of course nothing from Radhe has released, but the assumption can be made.

Very unfortunate for Akshay as this was another superhit/Blockbuster in his kitty.


That's the point. They didn't encash on that character like Tamil & Kannada did. It was a big thing casting macho star Sarath Kumar in that role and the film's entire hype was based on that. Same hype was given for Sai Kumar too. When the news broke out Kanchana remake with SLB, it was Salman Khan & Sanjay Dutt in the list with Sanju quoted to be playing the eunuch character. Later when it didn't materialize, Amitabh Bachchan's name was encashed to play the eunuch. By the time Laxmmi Bomb started, they entirely kept it in wraps, trying to create a hype. Then, Sharad's pic got leaked and the hype never got created.

Sadak 2 was a bad sequel. It had to do more with IPL than Sadak 2 as every other film barring Dil Bechara has not done well on OTT even with the supposedly only "good" film Gunjan Saxena.

Clash or no clash, this film was meant to be a box office hit. And 2020 was the year Akki grew miles with Sooryavanshi, Laxmmi Bomb & Prithviraj Chauhan, 2 bonafide blockbusters & 1 even in worse case a given hit. Strange bad luck, but with them waiting out Bell Bottom for theaters and opting for OTT in case of Laxmmi Bomb will always remain a blunder. The other one would be Coolie No. 1. They just went for the quick money fearing the delay in theaters functioning normally.

Just hope they don't go for a lazy release for Sooryavanshi early next year or worse, this Christmas.


Okay didn't know about all the things you said in the first paragraph. I have seen Kanchana and I was only familiar with Raghava Lawrence, didn't know the actor who played the eunuch was a big selling point.

IPL could also be a reason along with Sadak 2.

And yes, highly unlucky that this had to happen this year. Films like Padman, Toilet, maybe even Bell Bottom and Good Newwz going the OTT way wouldn't matter much. But films like SV and LB are meant for the mass audiences. It's a huge blunder on the producers part.

Same for Coolie No 1. It would have gone the Judwaa 2 way and given Varun Dhawan the much needed comeback.

Hopefully SV is promoted well with a good release strategy and not released for the sake of it. Bollywood desparately needs a big hit and either SV or Radhe can provide that.

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yaar this should have released in theatre only , it would be a sureshot hit even now they should try for a theatrical , ott is total waste for such movies

Bad luck for Akki , corona took away superhit from him

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
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Oh Radhe Radhe, what an escape on the last moment.
Laxmi must have murdered Radhe on Eid clash that never happened.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Remind me which movie escaped? I'm confused.

The movie which escaped by postponing due to pandemic but still releasing in theaters or the movie which escaped by not even releasing in theaters. What's the equation here?


Reminds me of a certain movie which has its shooting yet to be completed.
Btw thanks for reminding me of your new grown MEGASTAR Bhai fandom. From Hollywood to MEGASTAR Bhai league, thats a really good progress


Nah, couldn't care less about Megastar, it's just that your logic is off, i myself think that Radhe will be a bhojpuri movie, just that it is still releasing in theaters whereas LB isn't.


@ThunderBird, that is because of the lazy release strategy of Fox Star and their desparate attempt to gain more subscribers on Hotstar because the IPL was postponed by 6-7 months and they were losing revenue.

The decision to release it on OTT is not because of the lead actors.

My opinion of Radhe, until the teaser or trailer releases we will talk about that. But have to agree with Sandeep on this one. Had it not been for the pandemic and both films released on Eid, it would have been a great clash!

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Naah Akki failed to match Raghav, no doubt Akki is the best Bolly have in comedy genre but Raghav was excellent though his kanchana has lost all it's goodwill .
They made quite a few changes like the protagonist isn't fear of ghosts now that worked against this
And they completely replaced Raghav's family with heroine's family.
Not a fan of original kanchana but this one's a Winner.
It had huge potential in hindi belt and sadly poor preparation resulted in a Ott release.

Kiara is looking out of the world

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
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Doesn't look good. Below average. Looks like a cheap downgraded version of Bhool Bhulaiyya. Theatrically in a normal scenario could have done well....if shit like HF4 can work this surely can.

by Mega Star (225k points)

Haa bhyi D3 toh class apart movie thi aur S30 masterpiece.


Haan bhai Maine to Dabangg3 ko 5 stars diye jaise ki? Dimaag ghum gya hai tumhara bhi baaki fake accounts ki Tarah

I found it bad. My choice. I found hf4 shit my choice.

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i have seen kanchana movies in both telugu( d ) and tamil versions, raghava lawrence was a riot in them , akki looks great esp in possesed role , it would have been a runaway success theatrically

by Set Designer (1.9k points)
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Kaun hain woh log ? Kahan hain woh log? Jo boltay thay Laxmi bai will defeat RADHE at the box office single handedly i think now they would saying in their DMs "acha hua Corona ne bcha liya aur Radhe delay hogyi "


by Unit Manager (37.1k points)

@sanjeeva just go through with this post only & read the answers of both @sandeep's & @being_tanveer's. Do answer honestly who started here 1st.
Now coming back to attacking Akshay in the older posts then you go through the activity of @saaransh who is banned now for being a fake id was continuously making anti Salman posts..


@irdwhelp I know about Saaransh. Infact I also called him out in one of his posts a few days before he was banned. When he unnecessarily targetted Salman. But those are fake Akshay fans. Twitter trollers who I don't take seriously. I have always believed on the fact to never troll any other actor irrespective of what they have achieved.

Probably in this post Sandeep would have started, but Tanveer has done it again and again and again and no one has called him out. Tomorrow Akki will release the trailer of Prithviraj or Atrangi Re them again he will come up with the same thing. I have absolutely nothing again Salman not his true fans. And when I mean true fans, those who not only support him and call out for his mistakes in race and Dabangg, but also never unnecessarily ridicule any actor whether Khans, Akki, Ajay, HR or the younger stars. Thoda trolling idhar udhar samajhta hu, but constantly insulting a person for his citizenship, political views, heck even his Teeth. That's how low people have stooped to ridicule him. So I guess I am right in defending akki and supporting his true fans right?

Rest I don't want to insult others here. I support good and entertaining content. If radhe is good then I'll be the first one to support it, if it sucks then I'll not talk about it. Simple as that. Sadly not everyone believes in this ideology. Peace!


Well there are many fake Id's who creates those Id's just to create fanwars.
Let me tell you about a user @kabir he was a Hrithikian but anti Salman.
He had 1 id as @Rajat an Aamir khan fan who bashes Salman & Hrithik.
He had another as @Salmaniac which bashes Akshay, Srk & Aamir.
Now tell me whose fan was he..


Sanjeeva, that will go on man. And that is the fun of it. Its fine to have that competition between the fans of all big superstars, the Khans, Kumar, HR, Ajay etc..As long as it doesn't go out of hand. And we are hereto make sure it doesn't go out of hand. You're a good user and a genuine guy.

Don't fall into someone's trap. Some people only want to fake and make up stuff and get back at other people. I started ignoring that shit a long back.

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A good trailer with superb performance from Akshay Kumar, foxstar did a blunder here this film deserve big screen release , a potential superhit is wasted on OTT.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
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man IMO Akshay has never look so bad on screen. Old, weak, and his look at the possessed guy is just ugly, not menacing. and his acting looks poor too. this is not someone who is committed to playing the character. looks like someone pretending to be a woman in front of people for a laugh. even the guys on Kapil show do a better job of pulling off women getup and roles.

maybe in mid-2000's he would have nailed it. this just looks like no effort was put in, by the team and especially by Akki.

poor guy, he aged so much out of nowhere, that too right when he hit his peak.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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i used to love this genre during bhool bhulaiya and chandramukhi times but now it has been milked to death esp in south but i liked akshay kumar in the trailer very much

this movie had the potential to run riot across north belt but a total waste on ott

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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LOL..What a crap!! I wouldn't dare to watch such shitty movie even if someone said they would pay me crores to watch this shit...

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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Lol he's looking so bad and old.. his skin around the neck looks so bad.. don't know ehat has happened to him.. I love and respect his ways about physique and health.. he eats what he wants and doesn't take protein supplements.. maybe this is how people naturally age or maybe he's just not upto the mark as we see aamir and salman still look way better than him, they pay attention to their looks and health.

Coming to the trailer, jokes fall flat and movie is just too colorful for a horror movie. Akki is no doubt the best comic actor of his generation. But something looks off here.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

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