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Chhalaang - November 13th (Diwali)

Durgavati - December 11th

Coolie No 1 - December 25th (Christmas)

5 Other South Indian films are also set to release on Prime Video

Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/coolie-no-1-durgavati-chhalaang-amazon-prime-video-globally-premiere-9-highly-anticipated-movies-across-5-indian-languages/
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Durgavati is Sweety's Bhaagamathie's remake so that would remain a no. Original was bad enough.

Coolie No.1 meant for theaters, all the hope of repeating Judwaa 2 success went in air. Also not that easy to sell this content now even though Hrishikesh Mukherjee has given enough inspiration to David. So with new content David will without a doubt fail, remaking his own hits scene to scene, he won't. Anyways the film isn't for OTT.

Chhalaang - easily the best decision to opt for OTT. It will take a very long time for the theater business to get normal for smaller films. Right now the market is just not there thanks to Covid. With heavy UP touch, the film would be heavily dependant on Delhi/UP for business which won't happen.

Soorarai Pottru the Suriya film. Right from it's announcement had a strong feeling this wouldn't be a box office hit. Suriya hasn't had a hit since Singam 2 in 2013. The bad luck continues, atleast the losses is reduced big time. First big superstar's film to release on OTT from south.

All the Kannada films mentioned in the article are small budget films which had no choice but to go for OTT. Even if released in theaters, they wouldn't have much difference. So, just hope producers made money just like Puneeth Rajkumar making money by selling French Biriyani & Law earlier this year, both if released in theaters would've flopped.

Similarly, Telugu also small films releasing on OTT. The only big film V with Nani & Sudheer Babu failed to impress critics as well as audience. No wonder Telugu biggies will not opt for OTT.

Lastly, Maara starring Madhavan & Shraddha Srinath. This is a Tamil remaKe of Dulquer-Parvathy's Charlie. There's a Marathi remake for Charlie too. Anywways, Madhavan isn't the same force in Tamil. One would wish a beautiful film like this got theatrical release, anyways, OTT is the way.

Only films to gain any sort of interest releasing on OTT will be Malayalam films. Period.


Suhas, how many films have you watched? You have immense knowledge about the South Indian industry! I guess this isn't something new for others, but I joined 4-5 months ago so didn't know about this!


I am a south Indian, specifically from Mysuru. So, naturally I have watched more South Indian films.

Overall crossed 6000 films globally. Just that wfh ensured I watch very less films this year otherwise the number should've been way higher.

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Boycott gang licking their lips.

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no they are only after NEPO KIDS , acc tp them outsiders are the only one who deserved to be there


@Intense be happy they didn't notice Tusshar as one of the producer and screamed for boycott. Kiara Advani being related to Ashok Kumar & Saeed Jaffrey won't really hurt any of the idiots much. May be if somebody trends, it was Megastar Salman Khan who named her Kiara because her actual name is Alia Advani then few tweets can be put out asking for boycott.

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Varun Dhawan is incredible, guy is a natural, there are very few in actors who can overact in poster itself, truly talented..!!

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wat about LB ?

anyway i think there will be big repercussions on movies due to digital+corona . many movies esp small scale will be seen on digital instead of theatrical release in future

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LB trailer coming today at 12:30PM IST. And it will release on 9th November on Disney+ Hotstar.

The post is related to prime video releases.

I feel once theatres open, YRF will release a few of their smaller films like Bunty Aur Babli 2, Sandeep Pinky Faraar.

Even the Kiara Advani film Indoo Ki Jawaani might release as they have just released one song. But I feel once theatres open up, smaller films will release as no big film will release at least till Christmas.


whoaa trailer is coming today (party)

i meant perception of movies will be changed the likes of indoo bindoo and pinkies would release in ott in future

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how does release date matter on ott . kabhi bhi upload kar do

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Seriously! Christmas toh esse likha hai jaise uske bina movie koi dekhta hi nahi

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I won't be watching any of them until it comes on Enthusan which is some free streaming site. There's already one film that I feel may end up being a toture simply because they remade one movie last time. That one was horrible and that I feel this one will be insult to Govinda. Very appalling that this guy director has nothing else to offer.

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