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There is a good chance that cinemas will be allowed to open next week (15th October) in nearly all the hindi markets. Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal Gujarat and Chandigarh have been given the green light. Major contributing areas in the South Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also have the green light.



The wait is for Maharashtra and there is a chance that the green light will be given officially here also to open next week. If this happens it will mean around 90% of the Hindi market can open cinemas. This does not mean all cinemas in these states will open next week as being allowed and actually opening is two different things. 



The openings will depend on the content available and when it is available. Its futile to open every cinema in each state when there is not enough content. Hollywood was expected to be the main source of content but all the tentpole releases have been pushed to next year now so now there will be only Tenet. The news from Hollywood is a killer as the Hindi content was going to be limited. The states where there is more regional content may be able to do better.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6091
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I have no love for Bollywood frankly, nor do i care about Kjo and gang.


June born thumb sucking Warriors have crossed their limits, hopefully pandemic gets under control soon and Bollywood regain it's glory

Bollywood needs some hits...... Except Brahmastra and Shamsheera
I'm with Warriors in that one, Biscut Shamseera, Boycute Brahmastra.

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Hoping for LB to get a release on Diwali...

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Don't think it will happen. Exhibitors won't be ready to show a film which is streaming online.


We never know as it seem better to show something and get the things going rather than just keep theaters empty. Plus Diwali is a big festival. If cases remain in control then people will go to Cinemas. I think exhibitor will not want to keep theaters empty during the Diwali and right now LB is the only option they have.

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Ye kya BOI BOI laga rakha hai..Sab ko pagal bana k rakha hai ye harminder..90s ka kuch data nahi aur phek ta rehta hai..We should not follow this crap site for data before 2010

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