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CBI says homicide not ruled out in Sushant Singh's case

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n a massive development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday has issued a statement confirming that the probe into actor Sushant Singh Rajput is still ongoing and that all aspects of the investigation are being looked into meticulously, including the homicide angle.

CBI: 'Homicide not ruled out'

This statement indicates that the CBI has not ruled out the homicide angle inspite of the AIIMS panel's chief Dr Sudhir Gupta's alleged leak claiming that murder had been ruled out. The CBI statement comes six hours after Republic TV aired a conversation of Dr. Sudhir Gupta from August 22 wherein he had expressed doubts over the Mumbai police's investigation and the Cooper Hospital autopsy report in the case.  BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has said that he will recommend the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health summon Dr Gupta over his leak as well as the tapes, with his associate Ishkaran Bhandari also concurring with the contents of Republic's investigation that Dr Sudhir Gupta wasn't satisfied with the Mumbai Police and Cooper Hospital's submissions.

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Don't let the probe fool you. Its a plot to divert attention and keep people entertained/engrossed in the masala being provided by the ruling powers. Its suicide. Let SSR rest in peace. All this sham is an insult to his memory.

by Mega Star (225k points)

@intens its wrong to club abhishek in the same bracket as others

he is genuinely a good actor but he was always put in the impossible boat of matching upto his father which is unfair


Not the point Ravi. I meant despite the backing he had, he failed. Matching his father or not is a different matter.

These idiot ssr fans who want to claim that had it not been for nepotism ssr would be srk need to be brought back to Earth. A pathetic actor, no wonder he failed.


ravi: Abhishek is a terrific actor when in form....and usually never did bad acting...actually the only sane actor even in a Rajshiri agree but as a Star he was terrible....he did not even achieve the level of Shahid Kapoor, leave Amitabh's not that he reached somewhere as a Star and people are still not satisfied cz of his father being reached nowhere

Intense: completely completely agree


Ask any ssr fan. Before his death, sab kiski movies dekhne jaate honge. Aaj unhi ki movies boycott karni hai inhe. Twitter pe chal jaata hoga, here such idiots need to be exposed.

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As long as Justice is served!!!....I have no issues....
But my main issue is it going to be served??

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

There is no concept of justice in this society . Its an alien concept here

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Abe no one cares, go on twitter and trend Boicute Bollywood, Biscut Star Kids and all that.

by All Time best! (268k points)

abe itni chamchagiri bollywood ki paise lekar aaya hai kya namune


Aur beta, 4 mahine nahi hue paida hue aur likhna bolna sikh gaye, achi baat hai

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why did they give alternate report earlier then , this case is a total mess

by Set Designer (1.9k points)
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all the judiciary , police force should be 24*7 on this case

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

It can't be a coincidence that his manager "commits suicide" one day and he also "commits suicide" a week later. Somehow it has to be connected.

But there are so many conspiracies and theories going around that it's impossible to know what the truth is.


its too late now to discover the actual truth with so many theories floating around
pehle 3-4 din me hi sab out hona chahiye tha but the thing is too many oppurtunist took it in their stride

sabne behti ganga me haath dho liye


Opportunist is the right word here.

Govt ko mauka mil gaya to topple the Maharashtra government, Kangana got a chance to get back at Bollywood, KRK got more subscribers, News channels got their TRP and Twitter got so many users in the name of "SSR bots".

Abhi it's too late for some definite verdict. Anyway, Bigg Boss, IPL and theatres chalu ho gaya hai, so the public mind will be diverted. But I don't think this case it getting solved anytime soon.


Both of their deaths are connected. She was invited to party and molested by a few guys before being thrown out the building. Even her boyfriend went fled the city and went into hiding. When I watched news channel, her friends were being interview by the reporter and they seem so tensed to tell the truth.

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How much ever they try to hide, the truth will come out.. U can buy everything not the truth. Don't let media and PR articles fool you. It's a murder everyone knows that..

by Producer (107k points)

Suicide. Simple as that. Its the media paid by dictatorial powers which is misleading people


Your opinion bro!...


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