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I watched this one in the theater. Songs were yay but never liked the film, first time or the re-watch. I don't even think I had fun watching this in the theater. Too bland for a thriller as well as the comedy in it.


Share your experience of watching 36 CHINA TOWN [2006] for the first time?

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this one a try?


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Obviously in Theatre!!
For me - just liked one song..."Aashiqui Mein Teri"...and that;s it...may be little bit of Akshay....
Rest all was ...just time pass.....

I had to watch it...bcos it was a bollywood film...:)
but still as expectations ..I just went for Abbas Mustan ...
n for their credentials/repo....it was a dud as a suspense/thriller!!..nothing interesting...
especially the suspense/climax...was a big let down...which is sometimes a big highlight of their films!!

Watched it later also -online...maybe enjoyed it more that time...as there were zero expectations...and I knew what I am watching!!

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I did not like this movie at all. Only thing praisworthy was Akshaye Khanna who sometimes can rise above a crappy script with a good performance.

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no one make more entertaining movies than abbas mastan
i liked this movie but watched in a near empty theatre

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I recall watching it and it was a huge let down. Shahid and Kareena pairing had a lot of hype back then. The music was very good as the norm when HR was at his peak back then. Rest all a dud.

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