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TBH teaser is not up to the mark , looks more like a fan made one

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This man deserves respect ...he is the no 1 star today and he reached at the top without the support of any family or big directors/banners ...

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Top star? With just manipulated 205cr ? Whose footfalls are even lower than Race 3 and bharat which are flops as per Salman khans Standards, and by the way 17cr opening can not make him even no2 star leave alone Top spot . Yes he is giving chindi hits one after another that makes hum most successful.today but not No.1 star at all

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Akshay Kumar is on a roll , indeed the top star today whereas Prabhas leads in all india

I love these genre movies hope its good

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I dont want this to go Rustom way. Would have been much much better if Neeraj Pandey was at the helm.

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yes i also didn't liked rustom , spy genre is always exciting but till now vibes aren't good as teaser is not up to the mark imo


Actually, I didn't have goid vides for most of Akki movies but most of them has turned out to be above my expectation. So maybe tjis one too will be fun to watch.


yes i hope this one is on the line of baby , thriller is my fav genre hope it doesn't disappoint

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His look and the stills in the teaser are really really good. The BGM was okayish for me.

Hope this film is on the lines of a Baby. A spy thriller film based on airplane hijacking sounds amazing. I hope the final execution does justice to it.

Sooryavanshi, Laxmmi Bomb and now this one. Not sure which film I'm most excited about.

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i am most excited about Bell Bottom but this teaser was a letdown
hope the trailer is good


Still 6 months to release. But haa, trailer has to be more exciting and show some of the action/spy sequences with a better background music. This one was okay, but not what I wanted it to be.

And agar Vaani Kapoor film mei hai, toh it shouldn't be an unnecessary love song :// Baby, Special 26 jaise films mei the romance part spoiled the movie experience.

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LOL............ :D

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if this can release in theatre then why not SV and LB ?

by Art Director (2.9k points)

@Ravi producers are assuming that by then situation will be in control and most of the biggies like SV, 83 and Radhe would be released. But, nothing can be said before we actually see it happening.
Right now I think reliance is thinking about pushing SV to Christmas and 83 to Republic day weekend

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Saaransh, you forgot the words megastar. :D

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haha....tu phir ghusa kr gya....koi haal nhn tera....Ranbir ny kuch nhn daina tjhe....aaram sy apnay 8th standard k exams ki tyari kr....itni energy Ranbir py lganay ka 0% faida


chal dafa ho ab luchche aur mat paka


No point arguing with someone who doesn't even have his own identity @baadshah. Better to have it with someone who is atleast an original identity.


i hope intense you stick to your point and dont bother me again , i thought you were a good user earlier until you start behaving like a a complete psycho
please stop irritating if you could bro !!!


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No I star of all times

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Nothing great abt the Teaser....which will engage you....just some photo shoot/modelling of AK!! ....but apart from that...I admire this man....as long as Bollywood is concerned!!...
Here people are thinking about how to start the shoot...and
"Apun Ka Akki 3 -4 Filme lekar Tayaar hain" / He is ready with his 3-4 films to release anytime!!...He is really a Mini-Industry in True Sense...for me I have no doubts abt it!!

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

This man has got no chills(whew)(whew)(rofl)


Yeah @Abbie, such extremes. HR will take 2 years to think his next movie, yahan Akshay ki 3-4/5 releases ready every year.

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The next 6 months are a very difficult time for the box office.

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