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Finally someone has spoken up about this. The last few months has become a mockery on news channels just to drive their agenda and boost their viewership and TRP ratings. A major A list actor had to come and speak up about this.

Sadly he is being trolled for this because 2 of his films are releasing and other baseless allegations are being put across.
Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/akshay-kumar-requests-media-to-show-sensitivity-while-reporting-about-bollywood/
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He came up with whatever he had in heart but I believe this will not make any difference untill all the Bollywood top star coming up with something like this which is highly unlikely.
But, right now what is required the most is movies having theatrical releases only then all these negative cloud will go away. One good movie having a big star and people will again talk about the bollywood in a good way.

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Thats mild of him. Very mild. He should have ideally asked the media to shut the lemon up. And shove up their conspiracy theories in their wallets

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no bollywood movie with any big star will be a hit for 1 year so till then just weather the storm

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Nah. Let theaters open, with ipl and big boss coming, this ssr warriors gang is already going down. Biggies will start coming from next year and all this will be forgotten.


Intense, cinema will reopen on Oct apart from Maharashtra and few other regions. I think Sooryavanshi will come on X Mas although 83 is still locked but it could postpone for Jan. So biggies will start to come starting from Dec.

Anyway, this SSR gang doesn't bother me because the Internet isn't the real world. Place like Twitter is bizarre full of toxit people, not just these fandoms.


Majority of those Twitter accounts have been created post his death. Those people who are asking for a complete Boycott of Bollywood are the same people who use torrents and other applications to download movies for free. These aren't the real fans or regular cinegoers.

And @Jordan, if films are to flop over the next year, it will be because families are afraid to come out and watch the film in theatres and not because of the Boycott Gang.

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