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Cinemas which have been shut since mid March finally got the green light to open from the central government. This is the best news for the industry after a long time but its just a beginning and there is a long road ahead for some decent business to start to happen.



Basically the central government has given the go ahead that cinemas can open all over India and now it is down to the state governments to allow them to open and some will not allow yet. The hope is that by Diwali all state governments will allow cinemas to open and that will be in time for the big Hollywood release No Time To Die.



There is going to be a lack of releases for some time and a limited audience due to the pandemic and after cinemas open this is going to be the fight. To get the audiences back and to get some good films to the theatres. It will be a long procedure which will take time time.



The industry may have seen negativity since cinemas are shut be it the death Sushant Rajput, the drug angle or the call to boycott the industry. But the real fight is against the pandemic as it for the rest of the world. Only if the pandemic is under control then there can be something close to normality. The real film industry has been quiet over the things happening and the ones who hardly hold any value for the industry have been shouting their mouth off. If there was no pandemic then films would have been releasing and then maybe the real industry would have made their views public as they promote their films. 



This boycotting the industry is pretty funny as a boycott should have happen naturally, people should not have to shout. The fact is that people shouting to boycott the industry are not boycotting themselves as you are talking about the industry and obviously aware of what is happening in the industry.  It shows how dumb people are that the people asking for a boycott are talking 24/7 about the same film industry

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6089
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haha if cinema halls would have been shut for 1 more year then stars ka toh kuch nahi hota but ye banda zaroor sadak par ajata

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Hoping for Radhe on XMAS

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Not happening. With the 50% rule, disaster if they come now. Both radhe and Sooryavanshi should shift to mid 2021.


Actually, 50% capacity is not the problem. Problem as stated by BOI is Pandemic and reluctance which people might show once Cinemas are ready to welcome them. If people decide to stay away from Cinemas due to Virus then even 100% capacity wouldn't have worked for any movie. But if people are willing to come then even 30-40% capacity will easily take a good wom movie to 250cr as competition will be less and weekend and weekdays would have seen same footfall for very long period. But, say if a movie like Zero is released then it might not even touch 50cr mark.


Yes whichever way you look at it. Biggies need to wait. One LB is enough on OTT for now. The rest should target post March/April.


We still don't know how people are going to behave. Once Cinemas are in working and there is new content to show only then we can analyze that when should big movie release exactly citing the people response.

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