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Great poster! I wish this was his look for Sooryavanshi though.

All the BTS photos that have been released are amazing! And of course, another film for with a different genre. His slate of films are just brilliant!

The only issue is the release date; A Clash with Fast and Furious 9. The 7th part netted around 100cr and the 8th around 80cr I think. So the franchise has a good brand value in India and will affect Bell Bottom to some extent. I hope the clash is avoided at any cost.

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Spy thriller genre....just love such stuff. Another potential success for Akshay. Just avoid the clash with F&F. (If theatrical releases resume that is).

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Just heard the clash has been avoided. F9 has been pushed to May 2021 and instead James Bond's No Time To Die will clash with Bell Bottom.

I feel this is much better as James Bond isn't as strong a franchise in India and the first day is Good Friday, so shouldn't be a problem for either films to perform.

Overall, 2 spy thriller films in a day. That's going to be some treat to watch! (Assuming 100% occupancy by then).

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simply insane

even in epidemic times Akshay kumar finishes shooting in 30 odd days, while other actors are taking years to complete even a average product

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My most awaited movie after BM

I hope its well made and not rushed in , Akki is just churning out movies one after the other , i dont even recollect the last movie of his i genuinely liked

its time he start focus on quality too and bring a excellent movie and not the regular okayish types

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He has worked like this his whole career and for most of the time it has worked so don't expect him to change it for anytime sooner.
And I believe its just a myth that giving a particular movie an year of 2 will make it good product. Just look at what has happened to SRK's movies.
Quality can also be achieved by shooting rapidly, examples are Akki's own movies like BABY, S26, Holiday, Airlift and GN. They all have been shot in not more than 60 days but still they are one of the best in the respective year of their release.


i also prefer his kinda working to other stars especially if they come with debacles like zero after 1/2 years , aamir also has made a habit of giving 2 years to a movie irrespective of genre , even i am angry on that bundle ayan mukherjee wo saala kabada na kar de (headbang)

but the point is his movies are performing well both critically and commercially , so he might have got complacent and not going to the edge

what i want from him is a outstanding product like lagaan cdi or swades , and not just some ok kinda products and he can complete it in 4 or 5 months
though if he deliever a product like BABY in 2 months then its fine (emo)


He might take 40 days to complete a film, but his team plans everything perfectly for him so that he doesn't waste the producer's time or money. He has done this for 30 years and churning out 4 films in a year is normal for him. So for him to slow down and do lesser films is too much of an ask.

And quality of his films, he has given films like Baby, Special 26, Good Newwz, Kesari, Holiday, Airlift, Rustom (I found this okayish, but was appreciated well). I don't see the point in taking years to complete one film when another actor in the same industry can finish films within 2-3 months.

And if people say that the scale of his films are smaller, then look at Housefull 4, Sooryavanshi, Prithviraj. These are also big scale films, and were completed within 3 months (Prithviraj would have been completed had it not been for the lockdown).

Infact, I read somewhere that the longest he has ever shot for a film is Rowdy Rathore at around 75 days.

So he is in the best phase of his career now and while Bell Bottom is shot within 40 days, but what has to be appreciated is that even in such tough situations, he has made his producers and other workers happy by doing the film. I have heard the teaser will be out soon, and the film being a spy thriller with a hijacking theme, I am expecting something like Baby or Airlift from this film. Footfalls will not be high as it's not in the regular commercial zone, but if well made, it can turn out to be a great film. And as a fan of Akshay and of thrillers, I can't ask for anything more! :)


Good newzz was a dabba movie ( found hf better) and so was Rustom , S 26 was ok

though his efforts need to be applauded for sure but he need to strive for excellence like lagaan or swades now imo


Housefull 4 better than GN? I have no comments for this one lol.


yes GN i watched in theatre with friend (only watched 2 or 3 movies last year), both cursed the movie ,it was unbearable for us esp in 2nd half

hf i have seen some parts on tv still found it tolerable


@sandeep yes srk did bad movie but he doesnt take 2 years , he did 3 movies in 2017-2018

even earlier last decade he did 3 movies in 2 years , with two of them being Ra one and Don 2 , which are heavy on production/filming and vfx esp at that time


srk should have been sent to prison for the kind of movies he did last decade :|


@Ravi I know how SRK works but the thing is he tends to make everything grand has hurt him the most. Zero never needed those 2.5 yr no that special technique of filming. Even if it was just a regular ALR movie it would have been same. I can understand Ra.one would have taken a lot of time because at that time our Wfx industry was in very early stage but why Fan has to take such a long time? Look at how Ajay manage to complete a grand canvas film like Tanaji and side by side completing other projects as well. If everything was normal Ajay too would have had 4 movies realising this year. Giving so much time to an ordinary product didn't only was time but money as well. Zero could have been made with just 80cr budget but what it cost is 270cr.
I never criticize Aamir as he knows what is is doing. He is tye master at it. But, Srk really need to switch as whatever he is doing isn't working.
@mumbo bro GN was one of the best movies of last year and HF4 was thrashed from all corners.


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