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Well it was on Star Movies. Not until Naked Mile I got to watch it on dvd so whatever I watched was the censored version for TV. This was fine and even today I wouldn't rank it higher than the other two films but ofcourse rate this one higher than the Reunion and all other American Pie Presents series.


Share your experience of watching American Pie [1999] for the first time?

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this one a try?


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During my school vacations, 1st time i saw this on Star Movies that too from that famous Shannon Elizabeth dress removing scene till mid..
But as you know it was Censored for tv viewers in India.
Later after many years finally i completed this movie & rest of the series by downloading.
B4 downloading it, i thought of purchasing the original Dvd from the online stores but always had the fear ke agar ghar mein pata chal jayega toh bahut pitayi hogi.
So online download was the safest way to watch..
The worst one were Naked mile & book of love..
The rest were okay considering their target audience were teens..

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Post 17 - Share your experience of watching this film for the very first time.
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Watched it on TV many years after release. Unfortunately wasn't possible with parents around. Downloaded it and the rest and then saw it. Enjoyed it back then. Not so sure I'd do so now.

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this and scary movie were the movies i thought were so cool and funny back then
loved it then but havent seen this in atleast 15 years and dont want to see it again too because i know it would not have aged well

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so Jordan bro you are 15+ ....i thought you are a Ranbir fan so must have not touched 15 yet...surprised

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just seen in parts
never watched , nor have the intention to see these disgusting flicks

Pretty happy to grow up on innocent movies of bollywood in 90s instead of these sick movies

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