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Happy Birthday to the Legendary Thespian actor - Dev Anand.

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Dev Anand was one of the Greatest acting stalwarts in Bollywood history. Some of the Finest performances by a central lead is given by Dev anand saahab. He was a Style Icon. He literally Dictated clothing style among youths for years. The way he walk, they way he talk, the way he used to deliver his dialogue was remarkable. He has his own way. Not seen his many films but have seen few of them and writing according to it.

Dev anand was Giant Box office star. Baazi released in 1951 and that was a Blockbuster which made him Superstar. From thereon, he delivered rain of hits. Dev anand sahab will have approx 25 hits to his name. His Biggest Blockbusters were Baazi(1951), CID(1956) and Biggest of them all Jonny mera Naam(1970) which is one of Greatest hits of 1970s Decade that too in least appealing genre - Thriller. Also, Dev anand sir, without a doubt is the most successful star in thriller genre of all time. Be it Baazi, CID, Jewel theif or Jonny Mera Naam, his Biggest hit came in thriller genre. A genre where Bigger stars than Dev anand likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and Salman khan failed, Dev anand exceeded. Dev anand Box office performance was conquered by a bigger star during the days - Mighty Dilip kumar. He used to deliver hits after hits after hits without delivering any flops in between. From late 1940s to an early 1960s - it was Dilip kumar who was ruling the roost. Top hits of the decade belonged to dilip kumar. This being the reason why Dev anand sir never became an Undisputed no.1 star. It was more or less same like Dharmendra but he managed to became no.1 after Khanna's storm got over(1974) and before the Whirlwind period of Amitabh bachchan started (from 1978 onwards).

Dev anand sir is one of the 10th Biggest Box office star of all time according to Box office india. For his acting abilities, for his iconic songs, for his trendsetter fashion style, for the type of films he did, for his contribution To Bollywood,  Dev anand sahab will always be cherished!
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Dev saab is a legend. Love his guide and jewel theif and many other movies. Part of the Golden troika of Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar who ruled the roost back then.

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Happy Birthday to the late Dev Anand.

My favourite movie of his is Guide and Jewel Thief.

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Happy birthday to Megastar and all time great DEV ANAND.

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Dev Anand Vijay Anand under Navketan films is the best actor- director combo of Indian Cinema with movies like Guide Kala Bazaar Jewel Thief Tere Ghar ke Saamne etc

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