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Who has she not targeted yet ?

Khans Ranbir Ranveer HR Akki Shahid clearly wont do movie with her ever
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You forgot Megastar hate monger KRK.

Deshdrohi 2 on the cards?

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Future of Bollywood:

Tiger 3 and Kick 2 : Starring Arnab and directed by self made Kangana

Prithviraj: Starring Arnab and directed by self made Kangana
Brahmastra: Shelve it and start it with Arnab and directed by self made Kangana

Sab retire ho jaayenge. Mass hero Arnab and megastar Kangana will rule now. :D


Damn! (rofl)(rofl)

Housefull boards everywhere! Bahubali 2 All India Record in Danger. Dangal Worldwide Record broken in 3 days!!


people taking someone like krk seriously in itself is a tragedy , he used to speak filth about sushant before his death more than anyone


Its all a ploy. Since corona hasn't been controlled, the economy is in shambles, all this is a diversion created. Divide and rule. That's what they're doing.

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Jhansi Ki Naagin has all the required qualifications for a successful politician

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jhaansi ki naagin
also being someone from that area , i can assure you the place is notorious for deadly snakes


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One & only Vivek oberoi.

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Megastar Kangana and BJP run Bollywood now. Selective targeting of celebrities and shame them. Deepika took a stand, hence targeted. Ranbir, Ranveer and others not praising the leader hence targeted.

I said this before too. This is no longer Kangana vs HR/KJO/Ranbir etc, this is about supressing freedom, dissent, choice....basically anything that the ruling party doesn't like.

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Other than finding out who was behind his death, suicide or murder, the only thing we are subjected to is the drugs angle and **** chats of so many stars. Like they never knew drugs was common in Bollywood.

His death has sadly become a TRP circus. Instead of arresting the perpetrators behind his death, we are subjected to NCB calling everyone.

And the worst of all are the "BIG BREAKING" by a certain advocate on Twitter who has posted the most ridiculous and disgusting theories of his death and of Bollywood. That guy is much much worse than Arnab and Kangana!

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Her career is finished hence why no actor will work with her.

Answer to your first question.

She will never target Ajay Devgn because he's a no-nonsense guy who's hardly involved in controversies. He's one of the most influential actors in the film industry.

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are bhai before hrithik ,it was Ajay who was the first big star alleged to have an affair with kangana with reports of him helping her to get movies with him like rascal tezz after ouatim and there were all sort of news about them and kajol in the media back then with kangana even admitting it indirectly


Mumbo, Ajay, HR all had affairs with her and dumped her. And particularly HR she just can't get over with. All her targets have that in common. Ranbir again....she wanted to hook up with but he didn't take the bait. She is a salty insecure woman who cannot accept being dumped.

@Nikeel, oh don't count it out. She can definitely target Ajay, but since the latter is also protected by the ruling party, he is fine for now.


Ajay Devgn is also a Hindu and not from the Kapoor clan. So she won't bother to tweet against him.

If she does, then she would be the biggest hypocrite as she first used him to get films and now speaking against him!

This so called feminist and superstar and BHARATIYA NARI had some "scenes" in Rascals. So it will be good if she doesn't speak anything against him.

I'm glad Akshay hasn't done a film with her. If they had, that would probably be the only film of his I would boycott. :)

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Nil Batey Sannata ..

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Kangna ko male superstar ki jarurat nahi hai.

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Even Madhuri Dixit couldn't achieve the level of stardom which our kangana didi-did (doh)

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