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It has been over six months that cinemas have been shut across India and it has to a stage where some starting point is needed. There have been date sets over the last two months with the authorities involved but they have always been dashed as the date got closer. The September meeting saw a date of early October and all hopes are being pinned on that but with has gone on previous occasions nobody really knows if the green light will be given.



The authorities in India seem to be following a different route to most of the world as cinemas were allowed to open at the same time as places of worship and eating inside restaurants but in India places of worship are open and restaurants can allow inside eating but no cinemas. Also its not as if all cinemas will open at once anyway as one the risk of covid19 is higher in some places compared to others and secondly there will be a lack of content. A country like China is just about getting to full capacity and that is 2 months after they first opened and with Covid19 pretty much under control or at least thats what the rest of the world is told.



There are two big Hindi films awaiting release Sooryavanshi and 83 and there are already talk that one of them is likely to go to OTT as the weight of both films is on the same studio. Sooryavanshi is a big film with a big star, a big director and the elements of a good Hindi film and this film going to OTT is unthinkable. This leaves 83 and this film needs the box office as it will hit huge negativity with the digital crowd because it has Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone and this negativity can only be conquered by good box office results. The trailer can be good but that will hardly stop the negativity and basically social media will give the result of the film even before it gets a premiere.



On top these films need over 200 crore recovery and that will not come from OTT. Basically Sooryavanshi is a film for cinemas and 83 needs the cinemas due to the present scenario facing the industry from social media but this only has a chance if cinemas open up fast. The exhibition sector has seen Laxmmi Bomb and Coolie No1 go to OTT and cant afford to see another big film go the same route as it will just delay the recovery when cinemas open.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6088
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I have kinda lost hope on a theatrical release, whether this Diwali, Christmas or ever. While the makers have every right to release their film wherever they want to as they don't want to make losses, what hurts for me (and most other Akshay fans) is that this movie had the potential of being his biggest hit ever.

It could have beaten Mohra's Footfalls, it definitely would have beaten Housefull 4 to become his Highest Grosser of all time and it had chances of becoming the Highest Grosser of the Year.

He has made a great comeback since 2016 and while the "133" tag never left him, he was acting in smaller budget films and making them hit/super hits when they had nothing except for his name.

What also hurts is that 2 of his biggest films are going the OTT route. And now once Sooryavanshi is officially announced that it's coming online, it will be a field day for his haters and other actor's fan bases. And I don't have to mention which actor's fan will enjoy making memes on twitter.

The hope for a 250cr+ and a 2.15cr+ (Mohra footfalls) will now be pinned on Bachchan Pandey (highly unlikely, but could become a huge hit) and Prithviraj (needs a good release date). Other films are in the urban genre so even a 175cr will be a miracle.

Hopefully, and this is just a fan's wish and nothing else, if Laxmmi Bomb and Sooryavanshi are appreciated well, then the makers could plan a sequel. The original Laxmmi Bomb (Kanchana) has 3 parts so there is a lot of source material for Raghava Lawrence to make another film, and Sooryavanshi is part of the cop universe, so there could be a sequel. But hopefully these are announced within the next 3 years.

I don't think anyone over here is excited about 83. It has lost all it's buzz, so I am not talking about it here.

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Why are you negative? Have hope that cinemas will reopen by late Oct.

As far as 250cr and 2cr footfalls goes for Sooryavanshi, It won't happen due to low occupancy. Imposing it to 50% is too much of a risk.

No, I don't see any sequel for this film because the next installment for Cop Universe is Singham 3. Ajay Devgn said there's a hint for a sequel in Sooryavanshi. It makes sense logically to have a third installment because Singham is the biggest cop character.


Nikeel, seeing the number of cases, forget it. Cinemas aren't opening before March next year. Best case for Reliance and Akshay is to wait till then if they want a theatrical release.


Nikeel, it isn't about being negative. It's about being logical and practical now.

Even if theatres were to open, a recovery of over 200cr from all sources will be nearly impossible. Even just an OTT release will not cover this much. If the film releases this Diwali, putting an exact number as to how much this film will get can't be predicted by anyone. Add to the fact that Karan Johar is the producer. Though idk how much the film will be impacted because of this.

Also, since this film and after seeing the few looks from Laxmmi Bomb, they carried huge potential at the box office. They are unlike any of his previous films. Now only BP and Prithviraj have that commercial elements which can bring in some big collections for him.

About the sequel, Singham 3 will definitely be made, but not too soon. I have heard that Rohit Shetty will first make Angoor remake with Ranveer Singh starting October end/November. He then would move on to Golmaal 5 then Singham 3. Sooryavanshi and Simmba sequels might be made, but not anytime soon.


@Sanjeev its not only Akki but the whole bollywood is suffering. Yes his 2 movies have been affected but thats because he use to have 3-4 movies in an year. Sure SV looked his best bet for HGOTY but you need to know that if things get normal then it will mean he will be having most no of projects ready. He is no 1 right now so there is nothing to worry as big projects will come his way more then any other actor.
And be positive bro, sure box-office is important but not as important as watching him in action. So, lets wait for LB to release as it really looks good from the first look.

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Waiting to see if Akshay can cross 2.5 cr footfalls with Suryavanshi at the theaters.

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You expect him to cross 2.5 FF during the pandemic? (think)

I don't think there will be any 2cr footfalls during the circumstances.


Shah not happening. I wish it could though. Bollywood needs a big BB right now to sail through the negativity.


Nikeel, wishing for a complete normalcy

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Cinema hall will open in the second half of next year...........

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October is the last hope for cinema to reopen.

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Some thoughts.............

October is the last hope for cinemas to reopen otherwise both movies will go to OTT. I heard theatres will reopen by late Oct. However, I got a message on Facebook from a cinema exhibitor from Mumbai and he told me there's an uncertainty about cinema opening.

I don't think they should reopen until next year. Main reason is because too many cases are rising and India could be weeks away from overtaking America in terms of highest infection rate. Reopening it from North to South is a risk because crowd can't be contained outside and inside the bullding in multiplexes and single screens. There may be guidelines for multiplexes but single screens needs to be shut because too many people will come just to watch a film and social distancing won't work there. That's why the virus will spread 2x faster.

BOI is wrong about China operating at full occupancy because its only 75%. If the India gov impose the occupancy to 50% then they are stupid because its too dangrous as the virus will spread as I said above. That's the reason why New York has shut down cinemas because they know increasing the capacity to 50% isn't safe.

With a 50% occupancy, whats the gurantee that Sooryavanshi will cross 200cr? Please explain to me.

The reason why Laxammi Bomb is releasing on Nov on OTT because its sign cinema won't reopen soon. It was mentioned by producer and distirbutor on Twitter called Mukesh Mehta. If they knew that then Laxmmi Bomb would have had joint OTT and theatreal release.

Lastly, if cinema reopen by late Oct (As predicted above) then they will not be able to function properly by that month or Nov. Firstly, they need to release Tenet and James Bond and its important they experiment with these two movies before releasing any Hindi movies. They need to evaluate to see how well Hollywood movies perform at the BO like Tenet.

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