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As all of u know that in 1996 world cup india got semi final venue & pakistan got final venue it means that pakistan was richer at that time i wanna honest review from indians
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India is a huge country...while Pakistan is a piddu...275bn GDP vs 3trn dollars gdp today....yeah Pakistan was in a better position from today in 1990s but it was past its prime way back in 1970s thanks to Bhutto's nationalization.....and both countries have same love for cricket...both were considering almost same %age of gdp allotted for sports in both India won WC back in I don't think PCB was rich in comparison to BCCI especially in 1990s...maybe in 1970s, huge chance...1980s, slim chance...1990s, no chance apparently

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My question was not on gdp or current scenario i just asked which was richer in cricket board in 90's between india & pakistan if india was richer then why icc gave final to pakistan in 1996 world cup


If BCCI was bigget than PCB then why icc gave final to pakistan???


''so considering almost same %age of gdp allotted for sports in both countries'' ....we are just making idea except if ICC itself has answered this question in the past...there must be some articles available on 1996 final's venue selection I believe. That may answer your question

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