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Satyameva Jayate 2 starring John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar set to release on Eid 2021 (May 12th).

Does this mean Radhe will release on Republic Day? Or a clash is on with Radhe?

Or another film will clash with this one?

Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/breaking-john-abraham-starrer-satyameva-jayate-2-set-to-release-on-eid-2021/
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Salman is going through a relatively low phase and his last hit on Eid was in 2016 ,although John isn't a star as such and has no big hit to his credit but this is a sequel to a mass entertainer , so Eid will be a good release date if corona is controlled

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Satyamev Jayate being a sequel to a superhit mass entertainer will surely have a upper hand if clashed with Radhe.

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I hope you have seen Dabangg 3 as well. It was only and only saved by the brand. No matter how much you try to praise Deva for doing fine work but he ultimately destroyed whatever the legacy was left of Chulbul Pandey. But, I believe that worse is still to come.
Radhe won't be have a brand pulling audience for it but SMJ2 will surely have some.


D3 was killed by the brand not the other way around, people nowadays don't want to see any village police fighting out for his lovers death/child death. Doing what Rajini was doing in 80's, that hero elevations is 30 years old at minimum, Dabangg worked for it's novelty but you can't churn out same script with different packaging.
Everyone pointed out that but makers didn't listen to this, they went for traditional beliefs.
& D3 had a good first half too, it suffered due to it's name/look/premise.
Marjavan outright crap.


I don't know how you come to that conclusion but if you see the magnitude of both the movies then Marjavan was received better than Dabangg 3. Even the critics were not as harsh on it than they were on movie with a beautiful first half.
In reality D3 was bigger crap then Race 3 and TOH. Only Zero can be compared to it. As a fan I know what you want but you need to be in reality. Radhe will be worse then D3 as it was planned even before Dabangg was released so mindset while writing the script and screenplay was no different for sure. D3 was always meant to be a failure and Radhe is meant to Doom. Even you know it. So, lets be rational and wait for Tiger or Kick 2.


Well critics don't matter, they have their own biases, big stars failures are celebrated in a great manner regarding collection of marjaavan that movie had one of the best album of last year which enabled a above expectations opening day number but couldn't hold up after 4 days, failed to double up it's weekend numbers.
Boi expected a hit after weekend but it settled way below at below average.
Regarding me, I found it rehashed version of 70's movies, couldn't finished it too.
For me D3 was far better than Race3, none deserve that disrespect.
At the moment we have nothing but still I have no high expectations from radhe but from the look
Milap movies are like bgrade bhojpuri movies
Prabhu deva movies no matter how much trash better than that.

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Radhe will come solo. On Eid. Clash is not possible. Republic day release is hardly possible seeing the number of cases in India.

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Why do I feel this rumour is hoax? Same goes for any film that has tried to come on Eid but ran away from Salman and we all saw what happened last year. Besides, John isn't even a big star with any capability to give a big Hit. He's only had small Hits but what stardom does he have?

As far as the rising cases goes in India, they will likely overtake America in a few weeks time with highest infection rate. That's why cinema need to remain shut.


Of course it is a hoax. Or lets say announcing a clash against Salman Khan gives eyeballs to the other movie. The likes of Fanney Khan, Sanju, Brahmastra etc all were supposed to clash with him. But we know what came of it. So thats that.

Cinemas will stay shut and I don't see a movie coming in Jan either. Radhe will kickstart theaters on Eid and then things will flow back to normal. Before that....no chance.

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Abhi Se Date Announce Karne Ka Koi Fayda Nahi Hai.... Sabki Date Change Hogi. Ek Baar Corona Chala Jaye Uske Baad Hi Normal Hoga Sab.

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I don't think this news is true. It's impossible that Salman Khan will release Radhe on Republic Day as per rumours. Jai Ho was a different scenerio because he release Kick that year. Next year he won't have two releases. Besides, Eid is for Salman where many actors have ran away from clashes and last year happened to be an example. He knows his audience like seeing him release his movies on Eid.

Cinema should not reopen in India this year. In a few weeks time its possible they might overtake America with the highest infection rate. Place like New York and Los Angleles is where cinema is shut and Indian gov should learn from them by not taking any risk to reopen theatres.

This virus keeps geting worser and I think there's going be another lockdown in London where I live. ;(

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EID was a good release date for prabhas to release Radhe Shyam , he should pick good release date in future

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Movies that Postponed coz of sheer Stardom and eura of Megastar last Decade :-
We r family
Jagga jasoos
Robot 2
Gayal 2
Khiladi 786
Megastar seen best ever phase

After seeing that long list i want to ask akki and john fans " Do they still feel even 1% clash on Eid will happen ?

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Usual promotional strategy as seen in the last 11 years since Wanted vs Dil Bole..

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Even if SRK's film has Divya Khosla, i will skip SRK's film...yeh to phir apna bechara John hai....who casts that narcissist dumb Divya as a heroine (puke)

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agree....she must have paid to act/overact in SJ....first time ever an artist had to pay instead of earning


I couldn't tolerate any of her directorial ventures. And yaha acting kar rahi hai! -_-

Bass husband producer hai movie ka so she got a chance!


vo movie ke producer ki wife hai (bhushan kumar) , ab jo paisa lagaayega uski hi chalegi



i know this fact brother....i know too much about Divya Khosla...I have seen almost every interview of her during Sanam Re just to laugh on her cringy replies....she along with Himesh Reshamiyya are a gem....add Anu Malik also

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