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Will Tollywood/TFI be the leading industry in India in future overtaking Hindi Cinema ?

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With many upcoming Pan India movies , Tollywood is already giving more big budget movies in India

Many of top grossers in India are from south.

Adipurush , Prabhas/Deepika movie , RRR ,  Pushpa and many other pan india movies from Tollywood in future
in Non-Bollywood by Set Designer (1.9k points)

6 Answers

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Chances are quite high.

There's big market in North India. They have the confidence to make big budget film but also write a good story and script. Even the actors today like Prabhas have become big draws and Yash seems to be doing well but they need to keep pushing forward. Those movies have very big BO potential but I think Adipurush and RRR will do very well because of the directors respectively. Of course, the lead actors will contribute.

That's why Bollywood better get their act together.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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Kannada tamil and malayalam also there not behind now.

by Producer (107k points)

Kannada is doing well for the last few years.. With one bahubali u can't say tollywood is established.
Tollywood is still doing mass villain hero item songs films...... Big actors are still scared to do what aamir sir does..


well you haven't watched rangasthalam jersey mahanati agent srinivas , tollywood movies do better than kannada movies in karnataka too

soon tollywood will be on par with hindi movies industry and no 1


4-5 movies. Similarly kannada also has lucia, rangitaranga, kgf, u turn, godhi banna, kirik party, avane srimanarayana..

Yes tollywood movies do better than kannada in karnataka, u can't say entire india..... Kannada is also catching up.....

Just like u kannada can't replace telugu.......... Telugu can't replace Hindi... Period..


no tollywood is biggest in south today , soon it will be biggest in india
bettween , most of the movies u mentioned like rangitaranga kgf avane s , are just above average nothing special

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No Buddy.... Just One Or Two Big Grosser Not Made Any Industry Big. It's Overall A Whole Year Business. And Hindi Film Industry Is By Far Ahead..,

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)
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what future , Tolly and other sister woods have already overtaken Bollywood, as declared by Miss Megastar today on twitter

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
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Highest grossing films of the year can belong to these Pan India films and they are giving a good competition to Bollywood films.

Bollywood really has to up it's game and start producing such huge canvas films. The problem is that while a Bahubali 1 & 2 will get 119cr+ and 500cr+, 2.0 will get 186cr and Saaho will get 148cr in the Hindi version, the biggest Bollywood films don't perform that well in the dubbed versions and even the original Hindi films don't collect earth shattering numbers down south.

If I am not wrong, Dangal is the highest grossing Bollywood film in dubbed languages at around 12-13cr. Again figures might be wrong, but look at the comparison. 4 films doing more than 100cr (one 500cr) in the Hindi version and all the Pan India films you just mentioned have the potential to cross 150-175cr on the WORST case, original Bollywood films aren't able to find that level of penetration into the southern markets.

So many big canvas Bollywood films have released in the last few years, but they haven't found as much success as these 4 south indian films have had in North India. If Bollywood isn't able to find as much success down south, then it won't be long until TFI becomes the bigger industry.

by Location Scout (4.6k points)
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all of this is wishful thinking

can someone count the numbers of bb and sh after B2 in north

Bollywood movies are released pan india yet they cater to only urban audience now which is a shame

by Art Director (2.9k points)


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