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Wanted, a Salman khan starrer released Exactly 11 Years ago and proved Big Successful film. This film is responsible for Salman khan Larger than life Mass Onscreen Characters that he followed after Wanted and tested higher benchmark of success each time. Wanted followed by Dabangg and then Bodyguard, putted Salman khan on the Pedeastal of Megastardom. From then there is no looking back!

Wanted was very well made Masala film. Masala film don't mean anything, some can be good and some can be bad. A poor masala film is not going to do big Numbers which is the same for any genre of films. It's about making good film with correct story-telling which our indian audiences understands.

Wanted got Adult Certificate and i still think why. Ghajini a equally Violent actioner got U/A but wanted got A which costed approx 20% loss in Business. Nevertheless, Wanted was the film which brought back the tier3 & tier4 Low Grossing single screens public to cinemas. It was a riot in Mass dominated circuits. It took Unprecedented opening & Weekend in Single screens though multiplexes were just about average to good.

Wanted emerged a huge Box office winner but in my honest opinion the film Underperformed, mainly due to the reasons that it clashed with Yrf - Dil Bole Hadippa, it got A Certiicate and when the film released, Salman khan was not as strong as before wanted or after wanted he became. 2007-2009 were his bad days with Just Partner emerging as Superstar level Hit. The film could have scored more numbers(around 80-85crs) if all things have fallen in right place. The Box office Performance of the Film may not been a Blockbuster level but the Television impressions are way higher than many huge Theatre hits. Wanted, whenever airs on TV, gets huge audiences to their Television sets. The Film has very High Recall & Repeat value. Even the Popularity level of Wanted is Much Superior to many Giant Hits.

For it's Action, for it's Dialogue, for the Performance of Salman khan, for the Swag and Personality Portrayed by Salman, Wanted will always be Cherished for many Upcoming Years. MASS CINEMA AT ITS BEST!

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Salman Khan's career could be split into two parts- Pre Wanted and Post Wanted
The attitude, the swag, the intensity...Uff
I had watched the original telugu version first but still megastar blown me over
Wanted to Salman is what Zanjeer was to Amitabh, Kaho na Pyar hai was to Hrithik, Magadheera was to Ramcharan
The 5 Blockbusters that followed starting with Dabangg was majorly boosted by the huge goodwill generated by Wanted, Still remember Pokiri opened average and gone berserk after first week.
Hysteria created by Wanted-

Manoj Desai- Gaiety-Galaxy

“Wanted has got the film industry and also the single screen cinemas out of the ICU. The film has got 100 per cent collections till now and it is only going to get better.”

“The trend of repeat runs was very common at one point but had died down in the new millennium. However, Wanted was an exception. Even after a year, it used to be played in many centres"-Boney Kapoor

Paras cinema in Jaipur, the cops had to request the theatre management to sell 200 tickets less to keep the audience in control.

In the biggest theatre in Hubli, Karnataka, almost 5,000 people gathered outside to buy tickets

Unlike the norm, Wanted was released in all 3 theatres in Kanpur and police protection was adequately provided

The manager at Chitra cinema in Dadar

''Except for one show on Friday and one show on Saturday, every other show is a Housefull. This is a welcome change for us.''

"There was police firing outside the theatre in Buland Shaher (UP) where Wanted was being screened due to the riot-like situation. Wanted was also released in all the 3 theatres in Kanpur and all had police protection"

Biggest Single Screen grosser of 2009(bigger than 200cr movie 3 Idiots)

Wanted was the last time Bollywood could able to give Salman a megastar representation he deserves

Wanted not only revived Salman Khan's career but also nearly established and created the Salman's larger than life persona.

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11 years of the most stylish song of Salman Khan,Dil Deke.

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This was one really good masala film.

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My favourite masala movie of Salman in the last decade. Hopefully Radhe can be just as good.

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one of my favourite masala movies along with Rowdy Rathore

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was it a bigger hit than ranbirs ajab prem?

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Salman was not even a proper star before dabangg and in 5 years he became Megastar lol

Sallu fans are doing good comedy nowadays

APKGK got bigger opening and had more gross and nett collection than Wanted tell facts properly


Mumbo, Suhas knows way more about box office and cinema than you do. One of the most knowledgeable users here. Start facing some reality. Gonna help you.


i was talking about saying facts properly , APKGK had bigger opening and bigger gross in 2009
tu apni bevkoofi kahi aur jaakar dikhaaya kar


@Mumbo, no way to talk to an admin like that. Remember it. :)

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