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I can't wait to see Ajay Devgn and YRF collaborate for the first time. Well, it could have happened years ago as Ajay was offered Darr but he did not want to play a negative role because he was a newbie. This will second most anticipated film after Tiger 3 and I feel this will be Ajay's own version of Dhoom for a superhero movie.

Ajay worked with many directors and made them what they are today. He was the pioneer of their career e.g. Rohit Shetty, Prakash Jha, Milan Luthria, Harry Baweja, Kuku Kohli, Om Raut and ect. Shiv Rawail may end up on of this list if he succeeds with this film.

Ajay's movies are not promoted properly and as a fan I do crisicise him for this issue. However, YRF are good at marketing movies so this won't be a worry.

This movie needs a good release date and it may be Ajay's first 300cr if the content is good.

My idol Ajay in a superhero genre will be so cool to watch on screen.

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Same here im also huge fan of ajay devgn from pakistan whatever u said here that is my opinion too bro

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I hope YRF isn't trying to give a huge launch pad for Ahaan Pandey and making this film. If they are casting him as the hero of the film and Ajay Devgn as the villain, then I assume that they want to give him a grand debut.

180cr is a hefty budget and majority of the crowd would be for Ajay Devgn, not for Ahaan. They should have signed a bigger young star to cash in and given a smaller film for Ahaan to debut. I just hope they don't plan to make Ahaan as the poster boy for this picture.

Since they are planning a franchise out of this film, it will be interesting to see how Ajay Devgn's character plays out. Will he be a villain like Thanos and come in multiple films or is he like the villains from Dhoom where the police officer is the same but the villains keep changing.

Bollywood needs a good superhero film and other than the Krrish films, there is nothing for us to show. This film, if well made, could start a trend of more ambitious, sci-fi, superhero films in Bollywood. A good release date and this film has chances of being Ajay's biggest grosser.

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Ajay getting better with age. The likes of HR need to learn from him on how to plan your career and make use of your chances. Now, I just hope YRF know that Ajay is the superstar, the selling point of this 180cr movie, not Ahaan. The senior pro should have the meaty part, that will sell the movie to the audience, not the debutante alone.

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Ajay is very much a superstar but sadly some people even here don't think he is. I hope he gets his first HGOTY but if he doesn't then he will always remain a superstar. In Hollywood many big stars don't have HGOTY which is a fact like Dwayne Johnson.


@nikeel bhai hollywood me star system kab ka khatam ho chuka hai ,studios have taken over , Tom Cruise is the last movie star in Hollywood

coming to your point , yes Ajay is certainly a superstar today he and akshay are the only one to grow upwards in last few stars


Tanhaji is hgoty 100% since no theatrical release this year now. Of course he is to be credited. You don't survive 30 years like that. And his best is yet to come....seeing his line up of movies.

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Nothing's gonna get announced on 27th. Faltu ki hype bana rakhi hai.

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Ajay and Akshay have worked very hard ,yet they didn't got the due as much , time for them to shine now

and all this yrf50 is a crap , srk fans ka achche se katega fir , my advance sympathy to them


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Itna confidence? :D Kaise sir?

Itna hype bana dia hai media mei. I don't think they will play with their emotions. Salman, SRK, Ajay. Bade stars ke fans ka dil toot jayega!


are 2 saal se roz twitter pe srk ki movie announce ho rhi hai , official annoucement kisika bhi nhi hota

akki ke rumour nahi aate , instead direct official announcement with release date

baaki sabki to kuch movies annouce ho chuki hai barring srk , is baar to srk fans twitter chhod kar sanyaas hi le lenge



I just wish that SRK comes back from the semi retirement thing soon. He need not to do some out of the world cinema which could announce his return. Rather keep it simple. Do a simple movies and give his fans what they have been missing since the Release of Dilwale (Raees did that to some extent but it should have been followed by more of its kind). Evwry movie doesn't have to pe mounted on a lavish scale. Try something simple something normal.


;( ;(

this is so unfair

SRK's last movie official announcement came in August 2016 .

It's been more than 4 years since zero was announced , in the meantime akki had 7 or 8 official announcements salman had around 5 or 6 every other star also had atleast 3 or 4 :(

at this time i dont mind vfx , no vfx , rural , urban , comedy , thriller , action , drama kuch bhi chalega

i know so many srk fans who dont come on twitter and other sm now aur is baar announcement nhi aaya to mera bhi official sanyaas internet se

(o) (punch) (envy)


Yeah I can feel that toooo.
I have always wanted SRK to do well as he really was to one who took it on himself to propel Bollywood towards technical advancement. He give his everything to movies like Ra.one, Zero and Fan. But Alass! He couldn't get the right people on board who had the amount of skills to actually put the paper ideas on screen. Right now even he seems to have lost his self confidence of making a movie that the whole world will applause. I just wish that he realizes his dream soon as an actor.


i too , would agree on that , though his movie scripts have been really bad last decade , he has constantly tried for quality and technological enhancement in Bwood ever since Ra one
but i hope he atleast tries to read script for once and has good people for suggestion

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Ajay being the baddie will be exciting to see, let's see if he's a out and out villian like Thanos or a character with negative shades like Dhoom villians.
Well according to me We have something new to see, Ajay is a very capable actor and has always excelled in negative roles
They have to wisely plot Ahaan against Ajay, without showing anyone down which I don't think bolly will dare to show.
This is a huge launchpad for Ahaan, he's getting a huge movie to debut but with another A list young actor against Ajay this movie could have become more huge.
Anyway Yashraj is well cashing on this Hero vs Hero technique, multistarrer has always created great buzz historically
First war then Pathan now this, I hope something is planned for Salman vs Hrithik after Tiger3/War 2.

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