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I don't think its a good idea to release Sooryavanshi on December (If cinema reopens) but frankly, I won't be surprised it does. I've listed some bullet points but if I'm wrong then do correct me. Radhe has been mentioned below.

Here's the problem

  • Bhuj: The Pride of India is confirmed for December on X Mas. If Sooryavanshi release then I feel it will take all the excitement and buzz for an OTT platform. Audience will be more interested in a cinema film hence an OTT movie will be overshadowed.
  • This is a question which I want to ask. What makes people think this film can cross 200cr during the pandemic? Gov should use common sense and not impose the capacity to 50% because the virus will spread. Its occupancy needs to be between 25-30%
  • Third one brings me back to my second bullet point. With the occupancy being low is where I feel Sooryavanshi may come in low numbers.
  • Tenet and Mulan underperformed WW due to the ConVid19 where cinemas have reopened. I heard Tenet has done well in Europe but many countries is where it suffered at the BO mainly America.
  • There are two Hollywood movies that have yet to release e.g. Tenet and James Bond. It's important that those two movies release first before any Hindi film.

These so-called exhibitors think Sooryavanshi will be the movie to bring back its audience which is rubbish. It seems that pandemic doesn't matter to them as if the virus doesn't exist and normality will return quickly. They should know the occupancy is where the movie will come in low numbers.

I think Radhe will be the movie to bring back its audiences if the film is good. There are three reasons to look at.

  • Himesh (Trade analyst) said it's going to take until March for audiences to return to cinema.
  • If you go by Himesh's logic then I don't think any movie will cross 200cr until Radhe comes.
  • Vaccine should be ready in six or seven months times. This means cinemas will be able to operate at 100% occupancy.



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With Laxmmi Bomb releasing during Diwali week, it is certain the Sooryavanshi will be postponed. The earliest will be the Christmas period.

This is still 3 months from now and chances of theatres opening from October, we will just have to wait and see how the situation is in the country and how the other releases have performed in the theatres during this period.

Calling it a clash between Bhuj on OTT and Sooryavanshi in theatres is ridiculous. OTT Releases can be watched anytime, while a theatrical release for 6-8 weeks max. Such a clash won't affect any of the films, so it won't be a problem.

Personally, Sooryavanshi shouldn't release this year. Whenever the situation gets better next year, But I don't know why people are saying that it should release on OTT and at the same time say Radhe should release in the theatres and bring audiences back into the theatres. If one production house can wait for almost a year to release their film, then the same can be expected from other production houses as well.

I am still expecting them to release it on Christmas irrespective of the seating capacity. But sending this film on OTT will be the worst decision. Again reiterating, if one big film can wait, then another big film can wait as well. Here I feel Akshay Kumar will have to intervene. 2 of his biggest films going on OTT is something he won't accept.

About Radhe being the first 200cr film. That depends on the content and not on it's release date. If the film is even a decent entertainer, then it will get a lot of footfalls as it would be one of the first (if not the first) big film to release.

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If it doesn't come on X Mas then Jan 22 on republic day.


I have heard that Radhe is planning a Republic Day release as post Bigg Boss and Radhe promotions, Salman will be going overseas for 6-7 months from February to shoot Tiger 3. So he wants to finish off all formalities of Radhe before leaving.

If this is true and he isn't planning an Eid release, then many films will line up for Eid.


@Sanjeev exactly what my point is. People here are behaving like that Radhe is the vaccine audience is actually waiting for, lolz. Infact, if released now, it has the least possiblity of working among the 3 with SV, 83 being the 2 others.


@Sandeep Lol exactly. Had it been a Kick 2 or Tiger 3, then that statement can be made.

Of course there has been no teaser or trailer of Radhe to show how the film is. But going by the actor-director's previous films, it isn't necessary for the film to score 200cr and be THAT film which brings audiences back into the theatres.


no movie other that SV can bring the audiences to theatre , even SV might not do big numbers but still its the best bet bollywood has


No film right now can bring the audience. There has to be a vaccine first.


i am not talking about now but for next year
this year its obvious that nothing will release


Yes its the hottest property of the lot.

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1st of all arrival of vaccine doesn't mean Cinemas will operate at 100% occupancy. Its not like the moment vaccine comes virus will vanish. It will take months if not years to vaccinate the required amount of population.
Then once the things gets better then whatever movies comes will get the audience. People will flock to the theaters irrespective of star or content. Its not like people will only wait for Radhe to arrive. Right now going by the track record of MEGASTAR Bhai and Deva Radhe will the least movie people will risk their life for.

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1st of all this post is made by an Ajay devgn fan. So don't get excited by seeing Salman's name from a Maveric like SS Rajamouli who said the same thing.
Now coming to the real situation of Akshay is..


Lol mahn Akki have enough projects to satisfy his audience atleast till the mid of this decade. So, if its has to happen it will happen anyhow. Coming to Radhe then only a blind Bhai fan will bet money on it. Yes if it was about Tiger 3 then I would have agreed upon it but seriously are you even serious for Radhe? You know how Deva works on original scripts, they have a movie which just bombed on the most lucrative dates last year and you know the chemistry between both of them, still you feel like going gaga over Radhe?

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Sooryavanshi won't come in theaters this year. Its a disaster if it does. Keep it for ott on Xmas and set up a clash with Bhuj. Everyone, including myself will want to avoid going to theatres.

Radhe will be the first big release in mid 2021. Not before that

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I don't see 200cr and 2cr footfall happening until next year only if the vaccine is ready for cinemas to operate at full occupancy.


Vaccine wont come before Feb/March 21. And that won't settle things immediately. As I said no theaters before Eid 2021

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no hit in bollywood till 2022 !!

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SV is the only movie that can bring the audience to theatre in such circumstances, they should release it on next EID / ID but please #NOOTT

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Independence Day is booked for Maidaan. And 15th Aug is on a Sunday next year, so a clash would anyway be useless for both films.

Eid is a good date, assuming Radhe releases on Republic Day.


SV should come on EID , radhe would not stand a chance against Sooryavanshi


The point being is Reliance willing to wait till Eid next year? A full on commercial movie like Sooryavanshi deserves a theatrical release, but the makers seem pretty eager to get done with it this year itself........which shall be nothing short of a disaster.

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