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She is beyond liking or disliking now. She is a danger to society. Just like the ruling regime, hell bent on dividing on the basis of religion, her extremist thinking is suiting the current narrative. When she officially enters politics, God help India.

It isnt about her vs HR/Ranbir/Kjo/Alia/Bollywood etc. She is a retarded menace which needs to be stopped

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+1 infinte....

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Why would she need fans when she has BMC to make her look like a modern day goddess....

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Feel sorry for her , She behaved like a knucklehead and is under extreme delusion about her position/stardom, and also destroyed her own career that too in her prime

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Same here Sanjeeva. I change the channel when I see her face. And I avoid all news channels mostly these days. One channel in particular is obsessed with her.


@sanjeeva watever bro she has only few prime years left but she pressed the self destruction button i dont think her movie will be able to release in the biggest circuit in india

if she started feminist movies than what was Aurat (1940) Bandini Guide etc etc :|

@Sandeep you are vastly overestimating her intellect :D


I am surprised to see the amount of support she has right now!

Just imagine what would have happened to her career had she accepted Sultan (as she claimed in an interview). She could have become one of the top heroines right now (emphasis on "could").

Ab jo bacha career hai, Manali mei hi guzaaregi. Udhar hi release karne ko bol de baaki ki sab filmein.


well its a good choice , Beautiful Snow claded mountains of manali offer a much better than life than Mumbai (wasntme)

only deepika this decade came close to being a superstar among actress but she too could not capitalize on that further ,

Madhuri would remain the last female superstar of the industry

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Aamir gave so much respect to her... she in turn shared fake interviews of Aamir and even attacked him on twitter.. People supported her from all corners. That day I lost respect.

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  1. In Terms Of Human Being - A Big No......

  2. In Terms Of Acting - Yes

  3. In Terms Of Stardom - Zero

  4. In Terms Of Politics - (headbang)

  • Overall A Big Hater....
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Yes I am fan of Queen of Bollywood...

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