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Laxmmi Bomb - 9th Nov 2020 - Official Teaser

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Finally the release date of Akshay Kumar's much awaited release Laxmmi Bomb is out! November 9th 2020.

The teaser was outstanding for me and his multiple looks in the film screamed BLOCKBUSTER! How I wish i could watch this on the big screen though! Would have been a huge money spinner for Akki!

Diwali week release. So hopefully Reliance has decided to postpone the release of Sooryavanshi as it would make no sense to have 2 of his releases in the same week.
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in Upcoming Releases by Location Scout (4.6k points)

may be ftrst look but not a teaser

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I said this before that it would be odd to see Laxmmi Bomb on OTT and Sooryavanshi in cinemas on the same day. Frankly, I don't think its a good idea to release Sooryavanshi this year.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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you call this a good teaser !!!!

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

I loved the background music they used! And the way they showed 3 of his looks in the film.

This is of course the Akki fan in me talking. So not necessary everyone has to agree!

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Not much to conclude from this, but looks decent enough. So this and prospective hit and one prospective BB, both will end up on OTT now

by Mega Star (225k points)

It's not a good idea to release Sooryavanshi this year because of the underperformers of Tenet and Mulan overseas where cinemas have reopened. Those two Hollywood films did not work at the BO and I think the same will happen to Sooryavanshi because of the low occupancy. Frankly, I won't be suprised if it comes on X Mas but if not then Jan 22nd.

Bhuj: The Pride of India will release on X Mas on OTT. Frankly, if Sooryavanshi does come on December then I feel this will take alway all the excitement of Ajay's movie. It's because audience will be more intrested than watching a movie in cinema than a OTT movie.


@Nikeel gov has cancelled the opening of school in many parts of the country which were earlier supposed to open by 21 September. So, if thats getting cancelled then Cinemas doesn't seem to be opening before any improvement. So, now it looks like cinema will be close atleast till the end of this year. So, SV won't have a theatre release for sure. It may go to OTT in case Reliance have change in plans.

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I dont know why will someone take a subscription of not less than 400 rupees just for a movie when the same movie will be available on Telegram in HD quality within few hours for free.
Aren't OTT owners aware about this thing?

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Mulan was availaible for insane 30$ price on the top of monthly disney subcription
Result --> BOMBED


I use to have netflix too but since I came to know about telegram I stopped extending my subscription.

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