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Bhuj, Laxmmi Bomb and Big Bull release DELAYED on Hotstar due to IPL!

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In June, Disney Plus Hotstar announced that multiple Bollywood films including the likes of Akshay Kumar’s Laxmmi Bomb, Ajay Devgn’s Bhuj: The Pride of India and Abhishek Bachchan’s Big Bull will release on their OTT platform by skipping theatrical release. While films like Dil Bechara, Lootcase, Khuda Hafiz and Sadak 2 have already released, we haven’t heard much about the release of other films. “Laxmmi Bomb was initially slated for a September 9 release, however last minute patchwork shoot resulted in a delay,” a source exclusively told Bollywood Hungama.

The team of Hotstar have been contemplating on their release calendar for a while now and have finally decided on the future course of action. “IPL is one of the biggest events in India, and they don’t want to dilute the impact of films by releasing them on the same platform in the midst of IPL. Hence, after several meetings, they decided on holding them back until November,” the source further said. The tentative date of Laxmmi Bomb at the moment is the Diwali week, whereas Bhuj and Big Bull are gearing up for late November, and mid-December release. Interestingly, big films avoided a theatrical release in the past to avoid clashing with IPL, which has often had an impact on the box –office collections of a film.

“The idea is to have constant flow of viewers on hotstar. While September and October will be taken care off by IPL, Laxmmi Bomb will arrive in November to get the subscribers and viewership increased. Finally, Bhuj will release in December, thereby putting a closure to the slate of their property called Disney Multiplex.” Just like Laxmmi Bomb, the patch work shoot of Bhuj and Big Bull also remains, and is expected to be completed by October end. “The post production work on Bhuj is going on in full swing as we speak right now. Barring the patch work shoot, the entire film with complete colour correction, background score and other elements of post-production is nearing completion. The post production work on Big Bull, on the other hand, is complete notwithstanding the remaining shoot,” the source said.
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It would be odd to see both Laxammi Bomb release on OTT and Sooryavanshi on cinema this Dilwali. These cinema exhibitors only care about their business and they are not bothered about this virus or rising cases that are happening. I wouldn't be suprise if India overtakes America with highest infection rate because the situation is very bad.

These are the same exbitors who expect single screens to reopen but that's where the virus can spread. It's a bigger risk to reopen single screens as more infections will increase over there compared to multiplexes. If these owners want a 50% occpupancy they are out their mind and gov will be a fool to listen to their demands. Occupancy needs to be between 25-30% due to the circtumstances.

I don't live in India so I don't know how things work there but why can't gov provide some additional support to protect business like cinema? In the UK they done that during lockdown to some bussinesses that were suffering.

Going back to these movies, it seems that IPL is the reason for the delay. At the moment ConVid19 isn't good in India. So It may not be a safe to reopen cinema or even release Sooryavanshi and 83 this year.

Laxammi Bomb and Coolie No.1 should come on Dilwali on OTT. Bhuj: The Pride of India can come this X Mas. In 2021 is where they can release Sooryavanshi on Jan 22 and 83 on late Feb otherwise OTT may be their last solution left or whatever.

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Or even they might see a theatrical release!!!! Just saying.....

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

No, they are sold already and deal has been made with Hotstar.


Fox Stars studios are a big distributers in India, they and hotstar are subsidiary of Walt Disney. So, you can never predict the turn of events.
Chances are quite slim but this much of delay does hint towards the Star India actually waiting for cinemas to open, observe the audience response and then finally take any decision.

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these movies deserve a theatrical release

by Set Designer (1.9k points)
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Add Sooryavanshi, 83 and Coolie no 1 to the mix and Indian audiences have plenty of options till 2020 end. Hollywood will kickstart theaters in Jan 2021, hindi theatrical releases will resume with Brahmastra and Radhe by the middle of the year.

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Bhuj and LB can still avoid OTT

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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LOLywood is running scared of Big Strong IPL.

LOLywood nothing in front of India Ka Tyohaar.

by All Time best! (268k points)