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Year 1994 - 

Raja Babu - Super Hit

Year 1995 - 

Coolie No. 1 - Super Hit

Year 1996 -

Saajan Chale Sasural - Super Hit

Year 1997 -

Hero No. 1 - Super Hit

Deewana Mastana - Hit

Year 1998 - 

Dulhe Raja - Hit

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan - Hit

Year 1999 - 

Haseena Maan Jayegi - Hit

Year 2000 - 

Year 2001 - 

Jodi No. 1 - Hit

Year 2002 -

Year 2003 -

Year 2004

Year 2005 -

Year 2006 -

Bhagam Bhag - Hit

Year 2007 -

Partner - Super Hit

* No Hit Since 2008......

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All his hits during this period is with David Dhawan (except Bhagam Bhag and Dulhe Raja).
One of the solid actor-director pairs in Bollywood with 17 films and around 12 of them successful (the 9 mentioned here and Aankhein, Swarg and Shola Aur Shabhnam).

Unfortunately their fallout took place and haven't come together since Do Knot Disturb. This eventually destroyed his career by acting in C grade films with the 90s masala.

One of the top heroes of the 90s with a solid mass appeal who couldn't sustain post the turn of the century.

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Outside David Dhawan's camp was where Hum was a Hit. Khuddar and Anari No.1 were both Semi Hits.


reason of govinda david spat? still unknown?


david dhawan asked him to do any menial/side role whatever come his away post his decline in 2000s which obviously govinda didnt liked as they worked in 17 films

also he did not like david dhawan started chashme baddor remake without him when he suggested him that movie


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Govinda was at his peak after success of Jodi No.1 which took an excellent opener at the Box Office and got a Hit. He was still a star in 2000 depsite Hadh Kar Di Apne and Kunwara being an Average at the BO but his stardom came an end in 2001.

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naah his peak was mid 90s post 98 his decline started

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