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I remember watching it on tv on a random afternoon. Not a fan of the film, it was just silly from the start till the end. Some of the gags were funny and that's about it. It is Sanjay Mishra who walks away with all the honours despite the presence of Paresh Rawal. Sad much of Paresh's comedy scenes were just double meaning jokes.


Share your experience of watching One Two Three [2008] for the first time?

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this one a try?


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Funny story about this. We were supposed to watch Race which released around the time this film released. But since that was an Adult film (I was 13 then), my parents didn't buy tickets for that film. Since we were already at the theatres, we decided to watch this film instead.

It was an average watch. Random nonsensical gags from start to end. Paresh Rawal was hilarious, Tushar Kapoor seemed out of place as a Don and Suniel Shetty's character was good in the beginning, but his "Aapka left ya mera left" dialogue which kept repeating throughout the film started to get annoying.

Sanjay Mishra's "Papa" was the highlight of the film for me. Overall, a decent watch. Obviously wasn't a good replacement to Race, but strictly one of those "leave your brains at home" film.

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You got to watch in theater. Good.

All the double meaning jokes would have been irritating though.


I was a still a kid, so some of the double meaning jokes did go over my head lol. Few years later I re watched it on television, and yes! It was extremely annoying after a while.


a very funny incident happened during Kya kool hai hum my friend went to watch along with his father
he said it was the worst experience of his theatre neither one could laugh on any joke when entire theatre was in splits
thankfully after 1st half his father suddenly remembered that he had some work in office so he left and my kamina friend than watched the 2nd half in peace atleast

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the only thing i remember about this cult classic is the interview of sunil shetty paresh rawal as how this was a neat family entertainer before the release

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