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As Expected, Sadak 2 Becomes A Big Flop!

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Sadak 2 is the latest film in Hindi that hit the OTT platform Hotstar. The film is directed and produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt returned to the direction after almost 2 decades with the film. The movie is the sequel of the movie Sadak that released in the year 1991. The movie features Sanjay Dutt, Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapur in the lead roles. The film unfortunately became a big debacle at the box-office.

The audiences have showered hatred on the film's trailer when it released on Youtube. The trailer received a maximum number of dislikes on Youtube. Now, the film also failed big time now.

Most of the people who watched the film opined that this second part can not be compared to the first part of the film. The film has got a lacklustre plot and the writing is very bad. Not a single technicality has impressed the audiences. The audiences are pouring on negative reviews on social media. Including Taran Adarsh, a lot of other critics also posted negative reviews about the film.

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I did not watch but the reviews were entertaining like the one I posted.

He spoke the truth about Mahesh Bhatt at the end of the video. His past isn't a secret anyway.

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That the movie is mediocre is a different story. But the hatred its received is mostly due to other factors. Finally justice has been served by the social media warriors.

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Financially, it isn't a flop at all. This situation has been a blessing in disguise for them as this could have challenged to be one of the biggest disasters in Hindi cinema had it released in the theatres.

Deciding to release the film on Hotstar was a very wise decision. Mid way through the shooting they would have realised how bad the product is and would have eventually been a disaster of massive proportions. Whether the protests against the Bhatts would have played a role or not will not be known, but financially Vishesh Films is safe.

Hotstar will make it's money from IPL and other OTT releases, so one flop won't harm them much. And hashtags like BoycottHotstar for screening this film is laughable anyhow.

The only person who is at a disadvantage here is Alia Bhatt. Sanjay Dutt is past his prime to be playing leading roles anyway so it won't affect him and ARK isn't a big star anyhow. Alia has given 2 massive underwhelming films (Kalank and Sadak 2) and now this might affect her future films Gangubai and Bramhastra. The fight against nepotism is also not helping her cause, but the extent of this will be known once theatres re open. Also whether the brands she endorses decide to discontinue their contract with her will also have to be seen.

The number 1 heroine tag which she holds currently is in danger if her future films follows the same route as Sadak 2. On IMDb however, it has now achieved the worst film of all time tag. This is a record which can never be broken unless IMDb decides to bring a 0 rating in the future lol.

by Location Scout (4.7k points)

Alia is miles ahead of other actress only Katrina and Shraddha seems to giving her some sort of competition. But, this one flop on an OTT won't affect her much when she was the only actress who could gather 1cr footfall on her own before the Lockdown happened.


Yeah. Katrina also won't be around for long. Deepika is also not on the same levels now as 2013-2015. Alia is the best of her generation and will definitely bounce back.

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