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Will national media and people give Prabhas the same limelight and Superstar status the way they gave to Shahrukh and Salman previously

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He already has 2 historic Blockbusters and a 400 cr  ww grosser in Saaho despite average talk. He has humungous pan indian projects too upcoming. But people or media do not discuss much about him on national level
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Most of media that cover bollywood is paid media like fake award functions

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Salman and SRK'S level is impossible. And I highly doubt North audiences will accept him as a leading superstar. Once the current crop is done, only content and Hollywood shall rule.

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his radhe shyam will be a real test imo


As Sanjeeva said, if he continues to act in big scale commercial movies he might do well. The day he steps down to normal regular scale movies, the myth shall be exposed. The current crop is the last of the superstar category.


@intense saaho only opened on his name he was the driving force the director was new and he did all with his 3rd movie

even salman was not a big star before dabangg but he had a excellent last decade with blockbusters prabhas also has 3 consecutive 300 crore movies with 2 of them industry hitin south and his future movies will also be doing huge
even with a disaster talk saaho was average overall and a hit in hindi with 300 cr nett

his adipurush and nag ashwin next will be setting records both in hindi and south


@ravi radhe shyam will also open huge in hindi belt , hit or flopi dont know but opening is the biggest measure of stardom

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no one gives you anything limelight or superstar tag you have to earn it

he isn't even a star right now nationally , ye bahubali jaise movie ke baad saaho type big budgeted movie karke to sabko hi hype aur opening mil jaati hai , let him do a normal love story a drama then we will see opening , tab hoga real stardom ka test

superstar aur uske baad superstardom to bahut door ki baat hai ,

and shahrukh salman level stardom and limelight you are talking vo yahan par established stars ko nhi mil paaya prabhas to dur ki baat hain

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

saaho opened only on his name and also so will all his future movies

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national media dont give space any one without proper PR management in today times ALL ENTERTAINMENT news media are paid by pr agencies no media house type about your movies without money when movies release money is paid to newspaper and channel to talk about movies and specially mumbai entertainment media do not give space without proper PR MANAGEMENT

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i am talking about real limelight and superstar status with talks among common people not some silly marketing and pr articles

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He isn't the biggest star in the Telugu film industry though. Had Bahubali been made with any other actor, it would have still raked in so much money as it was an epic with a strong story line and the emotional connect. The real hero was SS Rajmouli.

Saaho had the huge set design, action, basically a film with a huge canvas. Here also, most of the star cast were Bollywood actors. Yes Prabhas being in the film was an added advantage, but his pull in the North can't be attributed because of the success of Bahubali.

The next 3 films are again Pan India films so they should score well in the Hindi version. But the real test of his stardom begins when he acts in normal films, those which don't have so much ambition and isn't set on a large scale. If those films can do well in the Hindi market, then we can say that he has a strong pull in the North.

But level of stardom which the big 6 have right now? That won't happen anytime soon.

by Location Scout (4.6k points)

When I meant he wasn't the biggest star in the Telugu industry, I meant before Bahubali.

Yes today he is. But that's after Bahubali released. If instead of Prabhas Allu Arjun or NTR or Ram Charan played Bahubali, then even they would have gotten the similar level of stardom and would have been offered these Pan India films.

And regarding Saaho, it was a huge film set on a huge canvas. I think the first look of the film was released after BB2 released. The hype was insane. And the trailer received unanimous response. Add the goodwill he received from Bahubali gave it that huge first day.

But to say that he will challenge the big 6 Bollywood stars who have been in the industry for the last 30 years and say he will be bigger than them in few years isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Let him do a smaller scale film like Mirchi or Rebel and dub that film and release it in Hindi. If that film also gets a 24cr opening day, then we can talk about his stardom.

Even I am excited for Adipurush and can be a huge grosser across India, but to talk about having a stardom matching the other Bollywood actors is a topic for another day.


@sanjeeva but what if he keeps doing these big budget commercial movies..yes it'll take time as he might from now on do 1 movie in 1/2 years..but still if content clicks then they will be huge..and prabhas will obviously get attention..also I feel there are very few actors who can do larger than life roles so it's also his advantage..and most young actors don't do these roles so he might actually have a chance to become a big star in Bollywood also.


@kakarot, Some time or the other an actor will do a smaller film. Doing these bigger canvas films back to back might take a toll on an actor I assume?

It's happened with the big Bollywood stars. Salman has a Tubelight and Bharat after bigger films like TZH and Race 3, SRK does a JHMS and Raees after a big canvas film like HNY, Akshay has Prithviraj and Sooryavanshi, then he does a Bell Bottom and Atrangi Re and Hrithik has War and Super 30 release in the same year.

This is not to compare a Bahubali with the films I have mentioned, but I guess you get the point.

But if we assume Prabhas continues to make these Pan India films for a long time, then it will be interesting to watch. The films will get a big opening because of the scale of the film and the fan following Prabhas has. But the actual potential of his stardom will be understood IF the film gets negative reviews overall. The Hindi audience was a little forgiving for Saaho and made it a 150cr HIT, but will it keep happening? This we will find out when Radhe Shyam releases.

Having said this, he does have a good career in Bollywood if these films click and can compete with the younger generation like Ranveer and Tiger in the future.


saaho only opened on his name

even salman was not a big star before dabangg but he had a excellent last decade with blockbusters prabhas also has 3 consecutive 300 crore movies with 2 of them industry hitin south and his future movies will also be doing huge
even with a disaster talk saaho was average overall and a hit in hindi with 300 cr nett

his adipurush and nag ashwin next will be setting records

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If you do big budgeted actioner that too after a BAHUBALI there are always good chances of opening
SRK gave bumper and Record openers in every genre even in love stories , even movies like KKHH DTPH Veer Zaara Main Hoon Na KANK Josh opened to record/bumper openings

A non opener genre like DTPH did a record business with 100 percent collections in the first week all over India
Here is the opening described in 97 by a trade magazine

Web Archives 

Dil To Pagal Hai does bumper business,
Ghulam-e-Musthafa evokes mixed response

Dil to Pagal Hai has done a record
business with 100 percent collections in the first week all over
India. The Shah Rukh-Madhuri Dixit-Karisma Kapoor starrer is all set
to taste phenomenal success, contrary to the industry buzz that it is
not doing well


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I think Rahde shyam will be the biggest test for him.
After baahubali he had definitely become star in bwood,thats the reason why sahoo did 150cr.
It was film post bahubali and a 350cr budget film.
Though it made 150cr due to baahubali craze and high budget hype,i felt prabhas lost little goodwill as he was nothing short of mediocre in acting or anything.
he was just so blant in the entire movie.
So his next movie radhe shyam will a big test as it wont be action entertainer..though there will be 2-3 fights but yet it wont make much impact in hindi states i feel..
If radhe shyam is like sahoo and does a rupee more than 130-140cr then prabhas is definitely here to stay as he has got adipurush and film with deepika ...
But if radhe shyam does become flop with 70-80cr or below 100cr nett then it will definitely hamper his craze in hindi states...

so it will take another 5 films for prabhas with consistent boxoffice results to be compared to khans level..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Let him reach Vijays level first...just having some blockbusters on account don't prove he is a megastar...the kind of aura, personality need to be a megastar..he clearly fall short of it..and the way SRK, Salman, rajni, even vijay worshiped by does not look like he is going to earn it even in 10 years..Yes bahubali the film will always be remembered by indian film prabhas will be remember for bahubali...But SRK, Salman, Amitabh bacchan,Rajnikanth they are on different level...nobody can reach that temple unless he knows how to fly on superstardom for some decades.

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