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your review ?

i want to watch but reviews are so horrible , searching for even average review for motivation to watch


Plan was to watch it & post the review. Just that weekdays workload forced me to rest this weekend. Infact this weekend I had planned to watch 4 films including Sadak 2. Watched #Alive on Friday night & after that, nil.

Probably will watch it soon. If I do within next few days then definitely will post the review.


You want review of this third grade film


Yes indeed. Irrespective of what grade it is.

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The Original Sadak had evergreen music with Sanjay playing an angry young man was the highlight of that film.

Sadly here the movie title Sadak 2 doesn't justify it, except casting Sanjay dutt with the same name as Ravi in the original & in the beginning showing some scenes from the 1st part as well as playing some old tracks in some places it has nothing to do with that theme.

Story lacks novelty & more or less all new web series based on some dhongi baba's & their exposure looks similar here.

In some places in its Set up it looks similar to Vishesh film's another franchaise Raaz series new movie except the ghost angle.
So if one misses this then not a big issue.

1.5/5 ..

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The movie starts off on a decent note, but gets slower and dumber as it progresses. Sanjay dutt holds the movie together somewhat. Alia bhatt doesn't have a role where she can portray her talent.

The biggest drawback is the Godman angle, Makrand Deshpande, Gulshan Grover and Jeeshu Sengupta all are wasted. Instead of inciting fear, its gets comical and the climax is weird to say the least. Music of the movie is very good though.

Rating: 2/5. (1 star for Baba and 1 for the music)

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