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1950s - Dilip kumar clear no.1 star

1960s - Rajendra kumar (5/6 years out of 10 years as No.1)

1970s - Dharmendra (1970-1973 Khanna and 1978-1979 Amitabh but Dharmendra was no.2 throughout the decade and no.1 1974-1977)

1980s - Amitabh Bachchan (became weak in last few years)

1990s - ???????

2000s - Shah rukh khan (faced tough competition from Hrithik mainly from 2000-2006)

2010s - Salman khan (became weak in last 2 years)
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When do i was stubborn though ? I was just stating facts that Dharmendra was biggest star of the decade. First, he survived the Khanna storm from 1970-1973 and later the Bachchan Volcano 1977-1979 but Dharmendra was never went out of top 2. He constantly gave huge hits every year and around 2-3 hits per year. Around 25 hits he gave in that decade.

If you're Following Box office India then they called Dharmendra as "Invincible" star of 1970s. Guess what even my username is "Invincible."


oh trust me bhai you are quite stubborn but may be coz of last line above (whew)


Well, thanks for the Compliment.


(y) .......

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True. 1990s had it going between Salman and SRK to share the top spot.

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Salman & Srk where in Top3 but no one was clear no.1

Different parameters different stars were ahead.

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Yeah but know for sure that it wasnt Akki sir :D

Him and number 1 have no connection whatsoever

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Pathar Ke Phool
Saajan (BB)
Hum Aapke Hain Koun (atbb)
Karan Arjun(BB)
Jeet (Superhit)
Judwaa (Hit)
Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya-SH
Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hain (Semihit)
Bandhan (Hit)
Kuch Kuch Hota Hain (extended appearance)
Hum Saath Saath Hain (BB)
Biwi No 1 superhit
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam-Hit
Don't care who is the number 1 , just wishing such a success this decade too

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Till mid 90s Sunny was at the top, Even Sanjay dutt and Big B were huge in early 90s
Post 95 Shahrukh Khan was the biggest star

Overall SRK and Sunny deol are the top star of 90s

btw if you remove 2006 Hrithik has a disaster decade , Akshay Aamir both were ahead of him

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Nobody calls him a non actor. Way more versatile and varied acting. Plus decide which version of you is talking. I mean which fake acclunt :D


lol you have clearly lost your mental balance and me too for debating with you
and he is very close to a non actor if not already


Btw I am impressed. Matlab aise aise naam kahan se sochte ho yaar apne account ke liye? Means you keep a list of 8-9 names handy ? (wasntme)


yaa now stop fooling everyone you are also one of my accounts (giggle)

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Shahrukh Khan
Sunny Deol
Salman Khan
Aamir Khan

But the main question is who will top this decade , there may not be a big hit in the first 2/3 years of this decade

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salman only had good 98/99 otherwise he does not even got credit in big hits neither he had good openers solo he would be having maximum flops and disasters of 90s stars
he most probably would not be in top 3 stars of 90s rankings BOI


Its not your fault if you don't know anything about Salman's Box office performance in 1990s.

Salman khan gave an excellent opener and hit in the form of Baaghi (19990)

Saajan - Bumper (Blockbuster)
Sanam Bewafa - Atleast Superhit
Kurbaan - Good opener maybe a hit after update.

He was bad from 1992-1994 in terms of initials
But from Karan arjun his most films opened to big occupancy.

You're calling his peak 1998-1999 as Good when he outdone everyone in 1999. As i said no one was clear no.1


yaa not clearly like for the whole decade may be but still i am talking from all the stars in 90s

In current BOI ranking of 90s , from 95 onwards salman is at number three , in the updated ranking for whole decade salman can be out of top 3


Agree with you but Salman will be definetely in top3.

13 hits, 3 hgoty, 6 Blockbusters, 5 Bumper, many excellent openers are enough to place him in top3.

13 hits out of 31 releases gives ratio of around 45% which was pretty good.

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I would probably give it to Sunny, though SRK came into his own in the second half. Interestingly, Anil, Jackie and Mithun were in prime position to take the top spots till 1989. But Sunny and Sanjay raced far ahead in the 1989-1993 period.

2000s wouldn't have been as one-sided had the others been releasing films more frequently. Aamir and HR were ahead in the years they actually came out with something (though this event was as rare as platinum). Akshay came real close in the second half but then, he was struggling to even be a bonafide star till Andaaz and MSK happened.

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Shahrukh Khan ....

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