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at least one more chance to watch batfleck.....from snyder eyes. the best one yet. also its the same theme and song from watchmen another snyder ambitious movie..... if its brutal and dark im all for it. although there is no much point right now after the reveal of justice league that there is absolutely no point of justice league when only one superman is enough and all other combined are not. imagine if they couldn't get through this guy, what would they do without superman when darkseid comes up whos been teased so much. in last two movies.

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is that darkseid at 3 sec mark


hey grandie

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The 2017 version was terrible. Here the teaser looks better. Though not much hope tbh.

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Looks way better than the previous one. Very excited. Batman's role here is more powerful. He was shown so weak lol. Waiting!!!!

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Last one was over for me the moment Superman threw him away when Lois Lane arrived.

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united states has more superheroes than common citizens

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