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I watched this film at home and it was kinda fun. I was never a huge or loyal fan for this franchise but found this film just about decent. Mainly because I watched couple of years after it got released, just before watching the third film in theater. To be honest, I didn't really took into the franchise until the 4th part.

Another funny thing to share was at that time we used to still rent out movie cd's and I was duped into renting this film as another part under the tile "The Sorcerer's Stone" while up until then I knew it as "The Philosopher's Stone".


Share your experience of watching The Day After Tomorrow [2004] for the first time?

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this one a try?


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TBH I had watched the first 4 movies without understanding either. Lucky for me, as I later read the books and it was a whole new experience as while reading the book, it was like everything was fresh because I really didn't understand the movies but I was able to picture things better because when that part actually came in the book, or say any character came in the book, I was able to imagine them as they were in the movie.

So the first experience of watching this movie was like wow...that guy can fly but not understanding one word. Not knowing what's happening but it was like it so greaaaat! (rofl)

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The first time was on neighbor's TV. I was 7-8 I guess at that time, I distinctly remember watching it till Quiditch match, it was good but didn't do much for me. Then for some years I had some encounters with it and watched few rip-offs like there was a Star show, something something magical school, with four/seven pillars to protect the school. IDK, it's bit fuzzy. I used to wonder why the **** are these Potter films so famous.

Anyhow, in the summer of 2013. Me and my friends used to have an argument, Hollywood vs Bollywood. I used to be on Bollywood side, having watched may be 10-15 Hollywood films till then. So one of my friend suggested me to watch Harry Potter. He gave me all the films in franchise and so started my watch.

And boy I was impressed and you know the rest.

Since your post is just for first film, well it was mostly familiar till the Quiditch part, and then it was fun. Since I was just 16 and new to Hollywood, I couldn't get any flaws in it, and now I am too blinded to look for any. So these films are my innocence. I always love the fantasy genre, Harry Potter was the King of that place in my heart, until GoT 2nd watch happened.

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It was my 11th birthday. I remember the first 4 Harry Potter movies were coming on tv back to back on that day and that was the first time I watched all 4 movies.

I was a huge fan of the books, but hadn't seen the films until my 11th birthday.

Probably one of the best birthdays I had as a kid. Loved all the films and the excitement level I had was an all time high. This movie was a tad bit long as they literally showed everything what was written in the book. This stopped post the 3rd book as the books became 600+ pages.

Still enjoyed the films and continue to watch them whenever they are aired on tv.

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Been a massive HP fan. Speaking of this one, had read the book as a kid, and then went to watch it in theater with my parents. Watched it at Manchester, coincidentally JK Rowling also developed its idea on a train ride from Manchester to London.

Loved the movie and particularly enjoyed the Qidditch sequences and the climax. A start of a journey for me which led me to read all the books and watch every movie of the series.

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childhood memories .... nostalgia :)

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when i first watched the film on Tv i thought that this sh!t is lot better than Shakalaka Boom Boom.

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