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Prabhas' 22nd Film - Adipurush - First Look Poster

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This one is huge! And Prabhas is on a roll! Radhe Shyam, the Deepika Padukone film and now this! 

This film has the chances of being the highest grossing  film if well made. Hopefully this film won't hurt religious sentiments and unnecessarily be targeted for inaccuracies in story line.

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Om Raut is pushing forward and trying to make a name for himself. After Ajay Devgn, he will work with Prabhas. I don't expect another Bahubaali 2 but this one can gross huge and will help Om Raut establish himself even further. Once this film is done, he will work with Hrithik Roshan or Ajay Devgn. Suheldev biopic is going happen in a few years time with Ajay in the lead role as part of Unsung Warrior series.

As far Prabhas, his line up is great but hope there's no Sahoo 2.0 this time. It was a Hit but it underperformed in the south.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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with om raut and prabhas , this is a true contender to break Bahubali records

interestingly today regional heroes are becoming national stars and bollywood heroes are becoming regional level stars

aur karo critics aur pseudos ko impress

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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Poster sucks but Title is interesting.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)
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This man Prabhas is having one hell of time.. To think an actor who probably is or never was a top 5 in his own industry becoming a pan India star is a bit undigestable but have to give it to him.. Hope his sucess continues...

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Doing the sort of movies that should be done. Big commercial entertainers.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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south cinema will rule now over bollywood in future

by Set Designer (1.9k points)

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