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I remember watching this for the first time on a local cable channel. I didn't dislike it, just that it was way too childish. There were a couple of chuckles here and there but that's about it. The film was highly repetitive and the same stuff has been recycled again too in Bollywood and outside Bollywood.

Ofcourse, I used to like Teri Yaad song from this movie, so much enough that it was one of the songs I danced for in my last stage performance.


Share your experience of watching The Day After Tomorrow [2004] for the first time?

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this one a try?


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I watched it for the first time on tv with my sister at that time being a child it was a emotional and funny film as a child don't think i will like it now but yeah it is a sweet childhood memory

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Same TV. But "didn't dislike?"

I loved this film. This along with Tarzan and Jaani Dushman was the film we all loved in school and just like every fantasy film I watched back then, I have tried the prayer thing to meet god, IDK its bit fuzzy.

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Jaani Dushman haha absolutely right it was only after growing up i realized that both tarzaan and jaani dushman are not even basic stuff as kids the whole class used to love these movies and they will get numerous repeat telecast

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