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Oh Warda!
I would be happy to see how Salman allocates the date for this with Tiger 3 around. As always, excited to see what they're gonna do with this. The Telugu Kick 2 was a major disappointment & glad this doesn't follow it even though the idea of Telugu Kick 2 was slightly interesting i.e. Kick having a son of his own who is after "comfort". Rest all went sore quickly.

  1. Radhe

  2. Tiger 3

  3. Kick 2

Great Lineup For Salman Khan......

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Sureshot BB confirmed this one.

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Devil Is Back

Tiger 3 And Kick 2 Is Salman Khan's Confirmed Blockbuster If Making On A Proper One. All The Best.....(y)

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More than this announcement happy for the fact that Kekd and GON have been postponed.
One was a remake of a badly made Veeram 2nd was a good one but Salman playing second fiddle to Megastar Aayush.
Those 2 movies would have badly damaged salman's brand, already it's been dented heavily.
I feel this negativity is the reason why Salman has made changes in his line up. He knows about the conspiracy to break his brand.
His upcoming looks promising, at least till 2023.

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Promising line up of films now for him. Good decision to push GON and KEKD.

Has to bring back 2 of his most loved characters on screen. As of now his line up of releases seems to be:

Eid 2021 - Radhe
Eid 2022 - Tiger 3
Diwali/Christmas 2022 - Kick 2

Possibility of Tiger 3 coming on Christmas 2021 even though LSC is announced. Salman is unpredictable that way so lets see.

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The best thing is that he pushed Gareeb films like GON and KEKD ahead. Salman khan can rule the first half of the decade (2020-2024) with Radhe, Tiger3 and kick2. I just want one Quick Comedy film in Between. Great Lineup.

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even in these stages of his career he is doing these useless masala films , for once he should try something that looking back he can call it one of the best movies of his career

he already has many hits ,what will he gain with one more box office hit , , instead of having a Lagaan RDB or Swades in his line up

All actors his age atleast are doing some quality or experimental movies in between he should also do one with some good director

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he has the best movie of khans Bajrangi Bhaijaan...... shared best movie spot with Lagaan. and there are many many other classics to his name.... also just because Tiger 3 and kick 2 are announced dont make them hits.... both of these movies will be over 300cr budgeted...that is a big ladder to climb for a hit or a big hit. since there are so so many movies on hold and all big stars will be DEFINITELY looking at festive releases....... opening gateway for a certain clash.


in top 10 movies of khans he barely would be having any , other than AAA with aamir

aamir alone would be having 6 or 7 movies in them and 2 or 3 for srk

he has done least number of quality movies among his generation of actors or even newer despite 70+ movies


r u talking about imdb!!??

Grand Gabriel Nova left the chat


naah generally !!!!

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nadiadwala nay bht logon ko ullu banaya hai Kick 2 ko lai k...
pehle he was like it has to be better than sultan and bajrangi bhaijaan that is why im taking this long to write it and now all of a sudden there it is....3rd time announcement of same movie..... he has good sense of hit movies but bad sense of good movies.

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Relieved that Kekd and GON are replaced by T3 and K2

by Producer (114k points)

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