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Khan Duo's 2 Evergreen Films - 19 Years to DIL CHAHTA HAI & 13 Years to CHAK DE INDIA.

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All the best scenes compiled

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Both outstanding movies.

Dil Chahta Hai brought such freshness when the trend of Indian Cinema started changing with good movies in the early 00s. This film has a lot of realism and something you can relate due to its good story revolving around friendship even romance as well. Characters and dialogues were simple with good narration. Aamir, Akshaye and Saif had fab chemistry hence they were equal in this film. Their respective stories opposite the heroines were good mainly Aamir and Preity because of the way their romance and breakup was handled.

Chak De India is entertaining with its patriotic feel attached to it. For sports movie, you need to have some entertainment, humour and even good dialogues. This film happens to be an example with its good supporting cast. SRK is fab in a well-matured series role which excelled superbly. I'm not into hockey but this film is a good inspiration for youths who have an ambition.

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2 absolute landmark movies
Excellent performance by SRK and trio of DCH especially akshaye khanna

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Both are classics. I've lost count of how many times I've seen DCH. Its as fresh as ever.

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love story between aamir-priety, akshay-dimple, saif-sonali and friendship between 3 friend...nothing new.....aamir-priety-ayub khan part is a compact story of DDLJ.....srk-kajol and permeet sethi......priety engaged with ayub khan but loves aamir and he comes to India and find his love...even last action too similar to DDLJ's last action....
yahaa aise aise expert hai jo DDLJ ko din raat gali dete hai...lekin DDLJ was truely trendsetter and there are many movies copied of DDLJ in different way.

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

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