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Salman VS Akshay in 2000's Decade

Hits : Akshay (9) Salman (6)

Solo Hits : Akshay ( 2) Salman (3)

1cr Footfall : Akshay (9) Salman (7)

Solo 1cr Footfall : Akshay (2) Salman (3)

Superhits : Akshay (3) Salman (2)

Bumper openers : (5) Salman (3)

Bumper + Excellent : Akshay (8) Salman (8)

Average of Top 5 Highest Footfalls

Salman :

Partner (1.45cr)
No entry (1.32cr)
DHLJ (1.33cr)
CCCC (1.20cr)
Wanted (1.33cr)


Average Footfall of Top 5 Biggest Grossers - 1.32cr (plus some lakhs)


Akshay :

Welcome (1.67cr)
Singh is king (1.40cr)
Ek Rishta (1.20cr)
Bhul Bhulaiya (1.18cr)
Phir Hera Pheri ( 1.15cr)


Average Footfall of Top 5 Grossers - 1.32cr


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Everybody knows that Salman Khan Is Ahead Than Akshay In 2000's Decade.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Akshay had a great time 2005 to 2010 giving big openings and hits esp towards the end when salman had a disastorous phase
So overall Akshay leads in 2000s decade

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

Why bring up the Solo and Multistarrer debate at all? In a multistarrer movie, Akshay was the biggest star of them all, so it's his movie overall. It's like saying Bhagam Bhag was a hit because Shakti Kapoor was in the film, Phir Hera Pheri was a hit because Johny Lever was in the film.

And Garam Masala had John Abraham. Akshay was (and is) a much bigger star than him.

And from 2001-05, Akshay had Andaaz and MSK as his hits, while Salman had Baghban and MSK. Both of them were having bad careers in that time period. And it can't be judged who was better. It's like choosing a better option among 2 very bad options since they were no where to being a top star. Though Salman had few average films and semi hits, so these 5 years will go to him.

And talking about credit, please! If you can say No Entry became a hit despite being a multistarrer and less screen time than Salman, then the same can be said about Bhool Bhulaiyaa where Akshay appeared just before the interval. He acted in more multistarrers, but he was the biggest star in those films and became hits because of his performance from each film onwards. 2006-2010, just before Dabangg released, Akshay was on his way to his peak.

Yes Salman overtook everyone by a huge distance later on. But the 2000s decade belonged to Akshay because of the films post 2005. In the first half of the decade, both actors gave many duds!


2000-2004 akshay had solid openers.

Ajnabee - Mulstistarrer (Bobby Bigger star)

Aankhen - Again multistarrer.

None were Bumper.

BTW Salman khan openers during 200-2004

DHLJ - Bumper
HDJPK - Excellent
Tere naam - Excellent

Clash ? We can have a long Debate on clashes, if you're ready. @lambodar


Ajnabee - Mulstistarrer (Bobby Bigger star)

bas ar bhi...rulayega kya


Tumhari galti nhi hai bhai..tum baad mein film dekhna start kiye honge.

Akshay last hit was KKK (1996) Next hit (2003)

Bobby was more saleable with Superhit Soldier which sold more tickets than any solo Akshay kumar film till then. Baadal as hit a year before Ajnabee. And watch the film to know whom it belongs.

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First half belongs to Salman Second half belong to Akshay
overall its a close call but akki has more hits on his credit imo

SRK Akshay HR Aamir are the top 4 stars of the decade

by Art Director (2.9k points)

According to BOI


And guess what, Salman had more Solo hits than Akshay.

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2000-2005: Salman
2005-2009: Akshay
2009-2019: Salman

Overall Salman leads by a massive margin.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Find out another excuse ? When did i gave you an excuse ?

You're giving excuses now that Srk films lack promotions, Genre Blah blah blah.

Akshau kumar was better bet than Shahrukh khan, numbers proves that. Footfalls wise they were approx same. Opening wise Akshay was Bigger.


lo latleast akshay are srk are not 2010 born stars like salman who were reduced to the status of a B Category star before dabangg


salman does no have the credit even in 1 big movie till dabangg akshay atleast gave all successes on his own and not rely on other stars
everyone here knows salman condition before dabangg


To Begin with, till 2009

Salman had more hits than tier3 star akshay
Salman had more Blockbusters than tier3 star
Salman had more opening records than tier3 star
Salman had more HGOTY than tier3 star. Wait, Do an akshay kumar fan know that something called HGIOTY Exits ?

Till 2009 Salman used to the Way Bigger than Akshay and Till 2020 Salman khan is disance dream for Someone like Akshay kumar.

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