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Khamoshi is a wonderful movie although an offbeat but the film captures everything all in one in terms of story, script, characterisation and emotions. I felt the strongest part was the emotions that Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed well making both Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala standout. Manisha gave one of her best performances. She's very simple, sweet and sensitive that you feel her pain torn apart.

Salman Khan was the pioneer of Sanjay Leela's career. In this film, he looks very convincing as the lover and acts well. Nana Patekar was terrific as the deaf guy.

Songs were superb mainly these two



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i have heard its a good movie , yet to see

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A movie which shows how art and entertainment should be combined

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Loved the movie. Very underrated and well directed by Bhansali. Music was a key highlight, jaana suno being my favorite.

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salman was looking damn handsome in movies which released between 1995-1999.....loved the song bahon ke darmiyan.....this is first movie when critics praised his performance though he was in second lead

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