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It's budget will be 350cr but scale will be smaller than 50cr Uri the surgical strike... Much smaller than 80cr ETT and much much smaller than 150cr Bang Bang.

So don't buy into that bullshiptt, the biggest scale the biggest action the biggest event the biggest blah blah

But 350 budget will be a good marketing tool

A huge blockbuster never the less (in case it releases in 2023 Christmas)

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This is going to be Salman's 16 th blockbuster

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I hope it's 17th because Radhe...... .


Hopefully Radhe will be a blockbuster

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Tiger 3 is Bollywood's biggest movie ever in terms of scale it'll be notches higher than what bolly has offered till now, but Maneesh sharma is a Medicore Director/Writer .
All these Massive and Relevant is fine but the storytelling needs to be gripping.
Tzh lagged interms of script though it was better than ETT but that's hardly a benchmark.
I hope Maneesh doesn't commit a Victor here.
Though I consider him better than Victor or Sid and hopefully he'll make a better movie than Tzh, yrf will take care of expensive action sequences.

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I hope this comes after Radhe. Makers can target Eid 2022.

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I embrace Maneesh Sharma with open arms but i really dont want @yrf to title it FINAL MISSION coz we fans know TIGER 3 any day will gross more than DHOOM 4,then y this bloody @yrf is ending TIGER series with TIGER 3? @BeingSalmanKhan plz make it to TIGER 10


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Tiger 10?

The franchise should end with this film. And be ensured no other actor is cast in the name of reboot.


They can go atleast Tiger 5 atleast for this decade if not more coz Salman can pull action off very well till 65 age


What about Tiger and WAR crossover?


@Nikeel, I doubt that can happen. Plus very doubtful HR and Salman will share screen space. Its tough to get it right when you cast two such big names. Agree with Suhas. Tiger 3 should be the end. Or else it might ending up slipping into mediocrity like the Dabangg series

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