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26 Years of Legendary Phenomenal ATBB Hum Aapke Hain Koun!

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This has been posted by me on Twitter.


@suhas link available ho to send karna ?


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Well written post
Hahk is Bollywood's last genuine golden Jubilee/Platinum jubilee.
Barjyata movies works very well in hindi market but this one was a sensation in Delhi/Punjab and Hyderabad/Chennai too.
Pan India blockbuster.
Game changer for Bollywood.
Brought back Family audience to theatre and helped theatres to renovate, started a new genre and inspired giants like Aditya Chopra and Karan johar.

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A movie which redefined the box office juggernaut. Not a fan of SB's cinema, but its impact on audiences has stood for a long long time.

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Footfalls - 7,39,62,000

Adjusted Nett - 1000 Cr

Box Office Numbers Says The Gratitute Success Of Hum Aapke Hain Koun....... Masterpiece

by Assistant Director (52.1k points)

117cr Gross
15 Rs ATP
7.80cr Hindi Version Footfalls.

Dubbed as Premalayam in telugu. Ran for 175 Days at 6 centres. It ran for more than a year at 2 centres 1)Vizag 2) Vijaywada.

It also collected 50 lakh Gross at 2 centres. Urvashi and Chitralaya.

Total Dubbed version footfalls will be approx 70-80 lakhs.

Overall total Footfalls are looking more than 8.75cr.


Buddy first as par BOI HAHK footfalls is 7.3962 Cr in hindi version and other version tamil and Telugu collection is 5.02 Cr gross so I think dubbed footfalls is around 50 lakhs not more than that. So total footfalls is 7.9 Cr approx

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HAHK was not a movie, it's was something else

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One of Most overrated film of deserved hit at max..don't know what's went wrong with audiences. How they madly falled for madhuri.

by Producer (115k points)

When a movie gets such a big blockbuster than single factor not made it that type of success. Many factors worked and result in front of ours. The main parts is this film is based on purely family entertainer with devar bhabhi masti angle also there. And Indian audience connect very well. But today's time people is more connected by foreign culture and forget indian culture. That's why family movies not working today's time. And the main reason is TV as well. Most of the theatre going audience is belongs to youth. Family's going very less amount. Hope you understand my point of view.