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Top 10 Biggest Stars of all time and in which year they Became star and Superstar.


The first line will tell you about that entity becoming star in which year. The second line will tell you about in which year they became superstar and third line will tell you about why they're in the list of Biggest stars.

  1. Salman khan

Became star after Maine pyar kiya ( 1989 )

Became Superstar after Saajan and SB ( 1991 )

Most Blockbusters ( 15 ) and HGOTY ( 10 ) and his run from 2010 - 2017 is regarded as the best run in Bollywood history.

  1. Amitabh Bachchan

Became star after Zanjeer ( 1973 )

Became Superstar after Deewar and Sholay ( 1975 )

From 1975 to 1985 Amitabh Bachchan was invincible. He had atleast 1 Blockbuster every year from 1975-85.

  1. Dilip Kumar

Became star after Jugnu ( 1947 )

Became superstar after Shaheed and Mela ( 1948 )

Dilip kumar has the Best Hit ratio and Success ratio of all time means his most films found an audiences. Dilip kumar has 10+ Blockbusters and 9 Hgoty. That makes this legendary thespian an all time great.

  1. Dharmendra

Became star after Phool aur patthar ( 1966 )

Became superstar after Shikaar and Aankhen ( 1968 )

Dharmendra was the Biggest star of 70s Decade with most top 5 hits. Throughout the career he was very consistent. The megastar with most no of hits and successes.

  1. Rajendra Kumar

Became star after Dhool ka Phool ( 1959 )

Became superstar after mere Mehboob ( 1963 )

Rajendra kumar is one of the rare stars in the history who had silver jubilee of hit films with Mother india and Sangam Topping the list of one of the Biggest Blockbusters ever.

  1. Rajesh Khanna

Became star and Superstar after Aradhana and Do Raaste ( 1969 )

Rajesh khanna's Golden Run from 1969-1972 which consisted 9 Superhits /Blockbusters and 17 hits made him an all time great.

  1. Kundan Lal Sehgal - K.L. sehgal

Became superstar after Devdas ( 1935 )

KL sehgal was no.1 star for consecutive 12 years. He was the first Superstar of Bollywood.

  1. Shahrukh khan

Became star after Baazigar ( 1993 )

Became superstar after DDLJ ( 1995 )

Shahrukh khan is the Biggest star of overseas from his generation and one of the Biggest stars Domestically with 25+ hits and 10 Blockbusters.

  1. Ashok Kumar

Became Superstar after kismet ( 1943 )

Ashok kumar the man who delivered the First Mammoth Blockbuster of Indian Cinema - KISMET.

  1. Jeetendra

Became star after Superhit Farz ( 1967 )

Became superstar after Dharam veer ( 1976 )

Jeentendra Alongwith Salman , Amitabh , Dharmendra are the only stars in the history of cinema who had 30+ hits as well as around 8- 10 Superhit/ Blockbusters.


Hi is this Saurabh? Nikhil here from Box Office Experts.


This is Invincible.

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Where is Amir Khan?

by Set Designer (1.9k points)

He needs 5 more hits to complete silver jubilee of hits i.e 25 hits

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Top 7 superstars of Bollywood

Amitabh Bachchan
Dilip Kumar
Rajesh Khanna
Salman Khan
Rajendra Kumar

SRK became superstar in 1995 and had first solo record opener in 1997
Salman became superstar very late in his career and had first solo record opener in 2010

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Biwi No.1 was Solo Record opener.


anil kapoor had 4/5 superhits or hits between 97 to 99 like judaai viraasat hakdmrh dm etc


If you can give credit to Anil then why not Rakesh?
Rakesh brand was bigger than many stars then .
Opening is a result of many factors, music had a huge draw then which both koyla and BN1 had Salman was clearly in lead and Anil was in supporting role, we attributes MK, K3G opening to their lead no


anil kapoor was a bonafide star in 90s with solo hits superhits blockbusters everything under his name that is why trimurti cant be called srk's solo record opener

and rakesh , he had only one big hit in entire decade thanks to srk salman combo

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